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    Endless MX72 brake pads question

    So I ordered front and rear brake pads for my GTI, based it on what Nengun's website said was the appropriate pads for the car and what I had found here. Had to get some work done on the car anyway, so I had the shop install the brake pads. The front were not an issue (Endless MX72 EIP250)...
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    Neuspeed 25mm FSB?

    Is anyone running this bar in conjunction with their 25mm rear sway bar? So far I love the way the car feels with just the rear, but I want to ever so slightly tone down the roll in the front of the car too. After more research than I probably should be doing on this topic, the Neuspeed 25mm...
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    Fender Rolling near DC

    Anyone have recommendations of a good place to get my fenders rolled near DC?
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    Driving tips for a newbie

    Hey everyone, I am new(ish) to the forums and am quickly learning what a wonderful platform the GTI is. Spirited drives through the mountains are comfortable to me, I can do that and can do it relatively well. I am also one of the relatively few in my generation who can drive a stick shift. But...
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    Carmen - HoyaDub's 2017 Tornado Red GTI

    So this is my first car I have owned that has been worth modifying, and I am obsessed with it so far. I was originally looking at a Mustang GT, but decided to give the VW a shot as a much more practical daily driver. Once I drove the car I was in love. It didn't have the sound of the GT or the...
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    Machined Silver Neuspeed RSE10 on Tornado red?

    Does anyone have a picture of this combo? I have been scouring the depths of the internet attempting to find one and have not had much luck. Or even the same color of another Neuspeed wheel on a tornado red car. I am close to pulling the trigger on a set of these on 245/40/18's, but not having...
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    Thoughts on a potential build for a great all around DD, but fun mountain road car?

    Hey all, First things first, the car below is Carmen, in all her stock glory (complete with effed up rims! Thanks DC potholes...). Aside from my mother and my wife, she is my third favorite lady. A little bit about her: She is a 2017 GTI Autobahn, DSG. As of the picture below I had not done...