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    New Golf R owner - Few Questions

    Hi and welcome! I just got my 7.5 couple months ago used as well and have been trying to figure out a way to see if there's an issue with DCC. I've been hearing slight tapping/clicking noises near the passenger side area - took it to a mechanic and they're saying its most likely tires and...
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    Got in a wreck on a Monday - Will it be totaled (19 R) ?

    I was actually going to suggest backyardboyz lol
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    Official Oryx White Pearl Golf R Thread

    I like em' durty ;)
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    New Golf R Owner mk7.5

    Bronze on white is sick! esp those bbs ci-r ones
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    New Golf R Owner mk7.5

    Some black wheels would look pretty nice though huh? Make it straight panda.
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    New Golf R Owner mk7.5

    I heard these stock wheels don't last a long time, so whenever these go :giggle: Anyone have issues with spacers? I'm trying to get 10mm front and 15mm back - would these rub with stock wheel/tires?
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    New Golf R Owner mk7.5

    Damn bro upload a video when you're done! I wish I shitted gold nuggets. But that would hurt 😆
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    New Golf R Owner mk7.5

    That's exactly what I was thinking. It's not like I'll be tracking this car anytime soon or anything 😏
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    New Golf R Owner mk7.5

    Still debating whether or not to wait til warranty's over to tune :unsure: what do you guys think
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    Front License Plate Delete

    Kinda looks like it's got a little hitler stach 😆 very fitting for a german car!
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    Official Tinted windows thread.

    If you're planning on keeping your car forever (like me), I'd invest in nano-ceramic tint. It's just a bit more expensive than the regular ceramic but even better.
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    New Golf R Owner mk7.5

    Thanks guys! Glad to be part of this new community. Any tips/suggestions/secret handwaves are more than welcome :)
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    New Golf R Owner mk7.5

    After 3 months of research and checking every local VW dealerships and car websites, I finally got my dream car. Purchased used @ 14K. I loved my F30 but boy am I glad I made this move... what a beauty. I can't stop driving this thing... t's just TOO fun to drive. And the best of it being the...