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    Any meetups in the Aurora/Denver area?

    Just wondering, would be nice to see a bunch in the same place. Make new friends. See what bronze wheels look like on a white gti. Etc
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    Unpopular opinion maybe but the fender audio sounds great!

    2020 dsg autobahn gti. I am not an audiophile nor do I consider myself to have a trained ear. In fact I have some hearing loss in my left ear (apparently) and tinnitus But I gotta say, the fender (Panasonic?) audio system sounds pretty damn good for a stock unit. I like how the bass is so...
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    Changed my xds settings via obd11 and the car did not like it

    I’ve been experimenting with the xds settings. I changed it today, and the rear wiper stayed on while all the lights on my dash lit up turned car off. Turned it on again. All was well. Then car-net sent me a vehicle health notification. I attached it to this post I’m assuming this will go away...
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    My experience, experimenting with XDS settings and increased traction on the VAQ LSD

    2020 DSG GTI Autobahn Mods: injen evo intake, muffler delete The car was an understeer fest, even with the lsd. it is truly an understeer fest. i don't care what all these car reviewers say, it is an understeer fest and the civic SI definitely grips better. Mind you i think our lsd is...
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    How loud in injen evolution from the outside

    Can people on the sidewalk hear any wooshing if I were to stomp on it? from inside the only noise I hear is maybe some hissing at wot but I have to roll the window down just to hear that much. edit: link
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    Looking for more turbo sounds

    Hi all. 2020 dsg gti autobahn swapped in the injen evolution intake. As expected, no wooshy sounds until maybe right before redline anything else I can do to increase turbo sounds? Thanks!
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    VW 0w20 oil info?

    What oil is this? Is it a group 5 oil? I couldn’t find the api sn plus certification donut either. Or is reducing low speed pre ignition not something vw values? Thanks!
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    Will a jb4 be a good fit for me?

    I’m in Denver (high elevation) and only have access to 91 octane Will map 2 be a good fit for me considering my circumstances?
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    Scandinavian lights. Before and after.

    Added bonus. Center brake light acts like an f1 light now. Here’s a before an after.
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    Stuck on sidewalk height

    2020 gti autobahn The 18” x 7.5” rims can fit 235’s according to what I’ve read here. But I’m stuck on sidewall. Should I go 235/40/18 or 235/35/18 I’m leaning towards the 35 instead of the 40. For the sake of keeping the same side profile. What do you guys think? I’ll be going back to...
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    Do you guys keep the dsg in sport mode 24/7?

    Drive seems too lazy and moving the dsg to s makes the tranny feel like it’s smoking crack I typically stayed in drive till oil temps are 180 and move it to sport. But now a days I leave it in drive, knock a gear down if I need some acceleration and eventually go back to d automatically How...
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    XDS interaction question

    2020 gti autobahn dsg I set the vaq lsd to increased traction and that odd delay before engaging the lsd is gone finally. In regards to xds. By default it was set to standard. I moved it to strong. Just to see if I’ll like it there. If not I’ll move it to medium and test. But it got me...
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    Looking for an intercooler that won’t break the bank

    I have a 2020 autobahn gti with adaptive cruise control. Due to the acc apparently twintercoolers and fmic's are out of the question What would be a good direct replacement intercooler that won’t break the bank? Some of those are Uber expensive. I plan on staying stock turbo too btw. Already...