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    Front plate freedom day!!!

    I grew up in Ohio but moved 5 years ago to Texas. I didn't have a front plate for the longest time up there because my car came from Indiana and wasn't drilled for it. I got pulled over once for no front plate but luckily the cop let me off. Glad for you guys!! Now if Texas can just follow suit.
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    What do you miss from your previous car?

    I miss the sound of my last car. 2009 Eclipse GT 6 speed. Had a custom exhaust. Also it used no oil EVER!! 160,xxx miles and it would go 7500 miles with no oil used. Most reliable car Ive ever owned.
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    Loaded question..What does your screen name mean?

    Ok this is the best name story I've seen. Mine is boring. It was a nickname in high school. Don't even know how it came about, it just happened and stuck.