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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    What did I do FOR my MK7 today... I made room for it. Jeep is a 2-door, so it's short, and that's as far back as it goes. It doesn't come out to play much so with it positioned there and the GTI closer to the garage door it accomplished several things: A) they're staggered enough that the...
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    Intercooler performance

    It's the age old trade-off. You could push an is38 to 400whp and it'd be pumping some heat, which you'd have to combat. But you'd have better spool. Or you could turn down a vortex XL and make the same power with less heat, strain on the turbo, and your IC wouldn't have to work as hard. At...
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    used car market ... wtf

    I got my 2019 S for $24.4k (no trade, before taxes and fees) back in August. 8k miles, CPO. I felt like that was a decent deal but admittedly I was looking at other cars until the 11th hour ans then ended up in a GTI real quick so I have no idea. On the flip side, I got $3k for my old car...
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    Member List By State Thread

    On the now deceased mazdaspeedforums we called this "NATOR" I was surprised I didn't see something similar existed here. And now here it is. I'll throw my hat into the ring. I have all the basic stuff and a few VW tools and can find my way around a car. Also would be interested in tagging...
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    get an EXACT duplicate of your Monroney in pdf format

    It's free. I just did it. I used a google voice # just in case... don't want to get spammed on my regular cell #
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    In need of spacers advice

    This one... (these are 17.5mm by the way)
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    Eric's MK7 Golf R (2016) Build Suspension + BigTurbo

    I think if you're paying for all of the labor, swapping things in and out and running into issues that require return trips to the shop and re-tuning then it's a number you can easily reach. I'm too cheap to every pay someone for something I can figure out how to do myself, but that's just me
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    Becker Exhaust Catback System For 2015 to 2020 GTi

    On their website that same system is listed as fitting 2010 - 2014 MK7 GTI Becker (pronounced bee-ker apparently) is made by OBX, which is another fairly common eBay brand. Everything I find on youtube is of their DP so I guess the exhaust is new. Also, all this is information is coming from...
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    Eric's MK7 Golf R (2016) Build Suspension + BigTurbo

    He mentioned a 27k figure in an earlier post....
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    The New APR Open Intake System is Here!

    I feel like this is a broad generalization. There are plenty of people on this site or who run this platform that are older / well-to-do / don't have a strict budget in mind / etc. I know that I could run full APR but I'm not going to. As far as I have planned it out so far I'm not going to...
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    PSA: TPC20 - not recommended

    Can we just wait for Nick to respond and talk about being in middle school and calling girls until then? Definitely played a smashmouth song to a girl over the phone, only to realize her dad was on the line by the end of the song. My pickup skills have not improved since.
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    The New APR Open Intake System is Here!

    My mistake then. Didn't mean to diminish his role. The over reliance on charts to show flow characteristics and power gains does seem to be somewhat unique to APR's marketing of their intakes. Made a quick look and IE and Racingline don't do that for their intakes (though IE does mention...
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    The New APR Open Intake System is Here!

    I don't blame Arin, he's the PR guy peddling the marketing he was given and his job is to support it / the product / the company. If he can get better answers or better information and provide it that's great but until then he's gonna stick to the company line. They're a big company that has...
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    The New APR Open Intake System is Here!

    So you see the issue then? You introduce a new "open intake" and to advertise it (here and on your website) you show flow characteristics for a "full intake system." However, ONLY the open intake ($400) is not represented in the flow charts. I think this is why you got @IanCH all riled up...
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    The New APR Open Intake System is Here!

    It is. And he does. I get why people don't like him / his site / his tests / etc. But his site has evolved and he measures quite a number of things on different products. Sure, it started with airflow bench tests, but he's gradually incorporating first hand driving experience with datalogs...
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    In need of spacers advice

    I have spacers from ECS Tuning. They are the only ones I can speak for firsthand, but they fit great and the bolts are plenty long enough. I'm not sure if it applies to every spacer, it depends on how they are manufactured. If you wanted to go with something 10mm or smaller in the rear I'd...
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    In need of spacers advice

    10 will fit on the front but not the rear, according to DAP. And yes, it is because of the hub depth. I think you were referencing these... The easiest...
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    In need of spacers advice

    Looks like you have room for 10mm spacers. The head of the bolt is 17mm (you need a 17mm socket to turn it), the thread pitch is 1.5 (1.5mm between threads) and the diameter of the shank (the threaded part) is 14mm. And if you're buying 37mm long bolts then the shank is 37mm long.