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    DCC Retrofit

    As mentioned, Mk7 TDI has the torsion beam rear and so far I've been going on a hunch that GTI/R rear dampers would work. Today I found the following rear damper part numbers for a 2017 Seat Leon with torsion beam and DCC... 5Q0 513 119L and 119N. The Leon is an MQB car with curb weight listed...
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    Porsche boxster 4 piston brakes (NQSBBK) fitted on MK7 GTi.

    Hoping I'm okay then, the RSE05s are 17x8 ET45.
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    Porsche boxster 4 piston brakes (NQSBBK) fitted on MK7 GTi.

    Well, just bought the parts for this setup from a forum member here at a good price. Really hoping it will fit under my Neuspeed RSE05s without a spacer. Was initially interested on going Macan calipers on 340mm rotors (which are confirmed to fit under my wheels) but then got interested in...
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    Helix P&P Installation Issues

    @Smith19687 , have you tried disconnecting/reconnecting the sub output connector? Also look at the pins. I have seen them get pushed back which would make for a bad connection. It's also possible for that connector to be "in" but not fully seated, although this should only cause a problem if...
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    DCC Retrofit

    Ohhhh... so then what is your combo? OEM struts and B4 dampers out back? At $200 I'm sooooo close to just buying the R struts for the front. I don't expect them to be that much different (if different at all) from the GTI struts. I'm trying to convince myself that the springs (which are...
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    DCC Retrofit

    That's what I'm afraid of. There are quite a few listings that offer "free" shipping but I don't want to pay to ship anything back or argue if a seller decides that return shipping isn't covered for a bad part. I guess in your case it was obviously blown but if it's not obvious I wouldn't have...
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    FS: Brembo NQSBBK

    PM Sent.
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    PDC Retrofit Question

    I'm in aircraft electrician by trade. I've worked a variety of manufacturer's planes... Gulfstream, Bombardier, Learjet, Embraer, Dassault, Textron, Cessna, etc. And except in rare situations all the wiring is white because it's laser stamped (or heated die stamped, for any old aviation...
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    Air bag swap: Golf to GTI

    Now that you mention buttons, are they different between a Golf and GTI/R wheel? If so I'm wondering if the buttons I bought for my ACC retrofit are the wrong ones. I bought from a member on the forums and i know I didn't specify which steering wheel I had... didn't even think of it. I can't...
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    DCC Retrofit

    So far my original post has been correct... I just assumed I had received the right sensors when I got them in the mail and didn't verify, could have saved myself a little trouble and a little money. I would argue it cost me some time waiting but in all honestly I probably wasn't going to do...
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    PDC Retrofit Question

    Hopefully these pictures clear up some of what we've been talking about. I now have 3 harness coming through the grommet on the right side of the rear hatch floor. This is inside, you can sort of see where I cut the grommet. If my cheap amazon connector tools had worked I would have depinned...
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    Air bag swap: Golf to GTI

    This is pretty sweet. Never seen it before. I have a custom steering wheel in my Golf now so too late. But at some point I might find myself bored and want a GTD like wheel, cool to know I can reuse my airbag. Thanks for posting.
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    get an EXACT duplicate of your Monroney in pdf format

    Still working, nice to have.
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    2020 GTI usb-c swap

    @Branman do you have the part number for the new cable you tried? I'm thinking I might try this. I have retroffited MIB 2.5 and have had (what seem to be) issues with my USB port. Not looking to troubleshoot in your thread but Carplay works perfectly while Android Auto repeatedly has issues...
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    DCC Retrofit

    This is a clarification/correction of inaccurate info from me in post #31. Credit to user @darkchina811 on the Ross Tech Forums for catching my error and providing the correct info. Final verdict on 2 pin connectors, after confusing myself with wrong accelerometers. So when I did my initial...
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    What did you get in the mail or bring home for your MKVII today?

    Bag of miscellaneous hardware for multiple retrofits I have in progress. Pictured is the mount (retainer, per VW) for the DCC control module, and the all important felt strip that held up my order for 2 weeks. I eventually called and asked when my order be ready for pickup. I was told it was...
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    Cuzoe's 2015 Golf TDI S Journal

    I'll add (bad) pictures from my phone later... but finally tore the car apart to get several retrofits done. While in progress I decided that I would retrofit DCC (while I'm in there :ROFLMAO: ). This is going semi-smoothly, with my mistakes and struggle documented here. The following is...
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    MK7.5 Digital Cockpit retrofit

    I would guess that you lost your ABS coding. I'm not really sure of the process to prevent this if you have KESSY (which I suspect your R has) but if you have keyed ignition and you turn the car completely off without a cluster connected the ABS can lose its coding. Assuming you took an auto...
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    Consolidated Macan Brembo upgrade thread (READ FIRST POST)

    With that I'm sold on keeping them stock color. My wheels are satin black, or whatever neuspeed calls it... not glossy though. Thanks for responding.
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    PDC Retrofit Question

    We might be confusing things. If we consider there's a car side harness and a bumper side harness it might be easier. The connection point between the two is on the rear right outside of the main body of the car but "inside" the bumper. After the bumper was unclipped I held it up so that I...