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    Radio Exchange

    Hello, Wrong forum this is where you sell stuff.
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    Converting to aftermarket headlights from LP

    I don't like driving with 6500k light temp, those won't be good when it rains.
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    Osram MK7 headlight housings - interested?

    Question: Can you change the bulbs if one burns out? or is the whole thing sealed up? How are they in the rain and snow? Thanks
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    BEC Autoparts - Headlights and Tail lights - New Add!

    Question: So the low and high beam are the same projector? how does the high beam throw light at a higher angle coming from the same projector? Does anyone have pictures of the high beam pattern? Thank you.
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    3D Printed Inlet Duct

    400.00 for which the air filter OEM plus? or the duct? When I build my 4th printer I"m going to make it able to handle a more hotter (hot end).
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    3D Printed Inlet Duct

    Or get a test part made from XOMETRY I don't know the cost but they can give you a quote.
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    3D Printed Inlet Duct

    Nylon 6 and 12 both come in filament so I don't know where you got that information from. You'll need a printer with a very hot end but it is usable in a filament printer.
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    Bruuuh! Engine light with 350 miles !!!

    Over due oil changes do not throw a CEL
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    3D Printed Inlet Duct

    Why not use nylon 6 print material? it's basically the material glock lowers are made of.
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    How to best protect my Golf R's paint

    I have destroyed the front of my car in 40k of highway driving. After the front end was repainted, I went the paint protection film route and the front end still looks shinny and new with 100k on my car. I went the Expel PPF on the whole front end. They can do a whole car but it cost me 1500...
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    Anyone know of a R13 ball seat lug nut lock for the stock GTI wheels?

    I guess I'll have to go the Ball seat washer route. I guess there's no auto manufacturer using R13 lug nuts. I just can see my idiot dealer not putting the washer back on for inspections. I mean they lost my lug bolt lock key 2 times now.
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    Anyone know of a R13 ball seat lug nut lock for the stock GTI wheels?

    thanks but I have a stud kit with R13 lug nuts, and I'm looking for a R13 14x1.5mm wheel lock nuts
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    Anyone know of a R13 ball seat lug nut lock for the stock GTI wheels?

    I'm going to wheel studs, and I have been searching online everywhere for a solution for wheel lock nuts for the stock wheels. Thanks
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    Mib Swap HELP

    There are whole threads in the DIY section on what needs to be done in order to do a swap.
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    Mk8 GTI passenger impressions

    I do not like the plaid color of the seats.. and the front end..
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    Golf 7 R20 Replica HID Headlights

    So is there no more corner lighting in the newer 7.5 style lights? Also how is the light output of the high beams if they are coming from the same projector as the low beam?
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    oem lowering spring

    Welcome! FYI you posted this in the Engine/Drivetrain/Exhaust/Tunes forum
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    aux pump issue

    ECS has a pretty good priced one, but no I wouldn't drive with out one long. You can here it whirling when you turn the car off to cool it down. Is it for cooling down the turbo? AUX Water Pump
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    2012 VW GTI 2.0 TSI Knocking??

    you are in the wrong forum dude