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    Man down!!!...Drivers side of my 2015 GTI backed both doors.

    Someone backed into my daughters car parked on the street. Looks like it got both drivers side front and rear doors, and the B pillar. Door frame is not just door skins. Estimate came back at $5,187. will be fixed in 7 days.
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    1st post long time lurker with 2015 GTI and 2020 GTI

    Figure I should say hello. Been using this site for a resource for a while. I have always been a Audi VW guy. A6, SQ5. I have a 2015 GTI SE (6 speed) with 36,xxx miles my daughter drives. I personally drive a 2018 Ford Raptor, but decided I needed a commuter car. 15mpg and 18,xxx miles...