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    Carplay Maps Guidance Volume?

    Does anyone know how to adjust the volume of the Turn-By-Turn navigation in Maps on Carplay? Originally I had it but all of a sudden it is gone? I do have "loud" voice prompts enabled in the maps settings but still no volume. Thanks.
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    Lehigh Valley Owners?

    Just curious - any GTI/R Owners in the Lehigh Valley frequent these boards?
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    Golf R: Mirror Dip in Reverse?

    Do the 2017 Golf R (USA) support dipping the passenger side mirror in reverse? If so, how do you program it? Also, do the return to the proper position after reverse? I saw some posts suggesting USA models do not have the memory function to return to the proper position. Thanks.
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    AWD Indicator

    Is there any AWD indicator on the Golf R? In other words, any screen or notification as to when the rear wheels kick in?
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    FS: 4 Pirelli P-Zero Summer Tires - 235/35/19

    For sale is a set of 4 Pirelli P-Zero - 235/35/19 Summer Tires. Took these off my brand new 2017 Golf R when I changed to All-Seasons. Tires had about 160 miles on them before removed. Asking $500 OBO. Local pickup in the Bethlehem, Pennsylvania area. Thanks!
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    CQuartz UK on New Golf R?

    Recently picked up my new VW Golf R in Onyx White. As its winter here in the northeast, I thought it may be a good idea to get a coat of wax/sealant/coating on the car for some protection. I reached out to a few local detailers and one indicated he installs CQuartz UK which would be $425 if no...
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    2017 Golf R Owners: Does your Park Pilot Automatically Engage?

    Just picked up my 2017 Golf R (DSG) a few days ago. Still adapting to it. However, I have noticed that the Park Pilot/Parking Sensors are not automatically displaying on the screen when I put the car into reverse. I have gone into the car settings - Parking/Maneuvering and made sure the...
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    Passenger Seat Belt Rattle?

    Just got my 2017 Golf R yesterday (White, DSG). Car is great. However, immediately driving home, I heard a huge rattle. After looking around, I realize that it was the passenger seat belt banging into the center console. Has anyone else experienced this? Any fix? I was thinking of just...
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    VW Financing Rates?

    Close to purchasing a new VW Golf R. Was wondering what kind of financing rates people are receiving. Specifically what kind of rates are expected for top-tier credit at both 60 and 72 months? Thanks.
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    Golf R Resale Values?

    Trying to convince the wife a Golf R is a good buy. Admittedly, I rarely keep cars longer than 2-3 years but have always purchased and intend to continue to do so - i will roll the equity in my WRX into the Golf R finance. I have been considering the A3, A4, TLX and Golf R. To look at resale...
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    Soundaktor On or Off? Any other dealer pickup recommendations?

    Plan to pick up an R today? What is the prevailing thought - have the Soundaktor on or off? Should I ask the dealer to disable it in software before pickup? Also do any of you install anything on the rear bumper to protect front load/unload scratches? Finalky, any other tips or things I should...
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    Rear License Plate?

    Close to buying an R. I noticed there are no holes for the rear license plate. Does the dealer simply drill holes upon purchase? Anything I should be on the lookout for? Thanks.
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    2017 Golf R Orders (USA)?

    In one of the threads on here someone said that 2017 U.S. Golf R Orders are done and that dealers are waiting for their allocations for 2018 models. Can anyone confirm if that is the case? If so, when will orders open for 2018 models? Thanks.
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    Considering Trading WRX for a Golf R - A Few Questions?

    Hi, Considering trading in my 2015 WRX for a Golf R. A few questions I was hoping to get some feedback of from Golf R owners: 1. How is the cabin noise? Is it very noisy or decently quiet? I would probably try to disable to the soundaktor if that makes it quieter. The cabin noise is a major...
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    2018 U.S. Golf R?

    Is there any realistic expectation on when the 2018 Golf R will hit the states? Will it have the recently announced updates for the European models such as new infotainment and virtual cockpit?
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    Considering GTI from a WRX...

    I have a 2015 WRX Limited that i've had for almost 2.5 years. Thinking of a change and recently test drove a GTI (drove nice)- would be interested in the Autobahn w/ DSG. A few question: 1) How is fit and finish compared to WRX - less rattles? Seemed a bit better. 2) The WRX drives great but...