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    Anyone sleep in their Golf?

    Car Hammock. It hangs inside the car from thick nylon straps across the roof, windshield and hatch door. The hatch part is tricky. I was careful to thread over the struts so the taught straps don't push on the struts. Also the hatch is narrow to even fully adjusted that end of the hammock is...
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    rear facing car seat/infant seat

    We've had a MK7 5-door GTI since our son was born and now he's 14mo. I'm 5'10 and my wife about 5'6. We used a Chicco KeyFit 30 system first and now Graco SlimFit convertible seat. Rear-facing (<1yr) sucks and the basic solution is to put it in the middle and lift the carseat a little...
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    Start Button Removal

    My push-start button is acting up and I bought a replacement and pulled out the shifter frame (manual). I found what I think are VW instructions and it just says to push the button out from underneath, then disconnect the connector. But mine doesn't come out. I also found a DIY on YouTube but it...