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    FS: BFI MK7 / MQB Transmission Mount Insert - Stage 1

    FYI - this insert fits many more Trans mounts that just the part numbers on BFI's website. Example: My trans mount number was 5Q0-199-555BK (pretty sure it was BK - just did mine a week ago) and this insert fit perfectly. I have also heard of people using this insert without issue in the...
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    Limestone Grey Color combination problem!!

    I'd like to see your buddy choose orange, but not dark orange. I think he should go with neon orange. his non-R is pretty dope looking!
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    Hatch spoiler similar to new merc-amg A35 spoiler?

    That Oettinger TCR spoiler looks miles better than both the spoiler on the Merc AMG and the AliExpress one.
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Your knob is off center.
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    Garages of picture thread

    @joedubs That is actually a deep little nook/man cave. I dig it!
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    Wow, why buy all that stuff, install it, just to remove it and sell it all just 1000 miles later?
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    ECU Cage Solutions?

    ^ I hear ya, but this would just be a cosmetic piece - all for looks... Not an engine mount or control arm.
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    ECU Cage Solutions?

    Not sure I like those much more than my hacked cage. The ECS one looks best IMO.
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    ECU Cage Solutions?

    Any pics of the OEM cages you are speaking of?
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    ECU Cage Solutions?

    Clem, I like that! Never seen it before. Not too expensive. I think I'll grab the lower engine cover at the same time.
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    ECU Cage Solutions?

    I recently installed engine and trans mounts in my mk7.5. In doing so I drilled out the rivets. I am not interested in reassembling the cage with new bolts or rivets. So I am wondering if anyone has figured out a cosmetic solution to 'dress up', or cover the portion of the ECU cage that...
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    Garages of picture thread

    ^ I bet the wait is eating at you.
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    Racing stripe prep

    ^that would look pretty good. place it on so the scratch is under the border of two colours and I bet you won't notice the scratch unless you really look.
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    The COVID19 SCAMdemic... MEMES and millenials want broccoli mandates, McDonald's ban. Logical thinking is mental illness.

    LOL Trump is making more money by abusing the power of his office than he ever would if he kept his Presidential salary.
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    Official Deep Black Pearl GTI / Golf Thread

    Why is your car so high in the back? It looks to be 1.5 inches higher than a stock golf.
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    Shift Knobs

    Heavy is the right choice (y)
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    Random manufacturing packaging!??

    if not that, it may now whistle at 88 miles per hour.