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  1. tonipepperoni77

    A few MA specific questions (North Shore)

    speedlife and auto engineering best in the state
  2. tonipepperoni77

    Performance gauges in center console maxed out

    no. the whole thing is pointless anyways just a gimmick
  3. tonipepperoni77

    Geico rear Bumper replacement question?

    not sure if there is even non oem rear bumpers ? i would let them use the parts that they use, non oem parts now a days rarely have issues
  4. tonipepperoni77

    034 Motorsport MQB Rear Subframe Inserts w/ Bolts (MK7 R)

    i love mine, highly recommend them really help tighten up the car
  5. tonipepperoni77

    MK7 Matte Carbon Fiber Steering wheel - For DSG vehicles

    also interested is this for DSG? or manual
  6. tonipepperoni77

    Boost tap options

    just do aprs super easy super accurate been using mine for 2 years with my p3
  7. tonipepperoni77

    The Unofficial New England Introduce yourself Thread!

    nice another worcester county R
  8. tonipepperoni77

    Boston Detailer

    i would either do AutoNuvo and holliston or do QCarCare in burlington, best of the best, I use Autonuvo as they are close to me and they have clients ship them cars from all over the country.
  9. tonipepperoni77

    Girodisc (rear) 2 Piece Rotor

    how come you needed to remove 21mm upper camber arm
  10. tonipepperoni77

    Motul DCTF or Pentosin (OEM) FFL-2 for DSG Fluid?

    either motul, oem or liquimoly and you will be ok
  11. tonipepperoni77

    Dynamic Road Sign Display activated

    yeah this has be available to do for awhile but people have notices the 7.5 have a better time getting the signs
  12. tonipepperoni77

    Power Liftgate mod recommendation ?

    wow this is awesome. how long did it take you to install?
  13. tonipepperoni77

    Summer tires

    i wait till mid april. wait till all the salt is off the road
  14. tonipepperoni77

    Garages of picture thread

    they are worth every single penny user them almost every weekend for stuff on my car and my fiance's as well as great for detailing cars
  15. tonipepperoni77


    i wouldnt worry they will get back to you, you can try in a few days to email them if youre worried. the parts will get to you
  16. tonipepperoni77

    Thule Aeroblade 53" Bar Overhang (or any roof rack's where the bars hang over)

    love my Aero 53 not a huge overhand but i can hold a huge box and then a bike on either side
  17. tonipepperoni77

    Sudden Perfume Smell

    to me your smelling the washer fluid it smells great
  18. tonipepperoni77

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    20k or so on spark plugs tune should be plenty fine. In theory you will know when you need new spark plugs
  19. tonipepperoni77

    Wireless Carplay option

    ive used this works great but i sold it, i like my ddock, super simple to slide the phone right in without looking and up comes carplay, if i didnt already have the ddock for 3 years this would have been my option