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    Coolant Leak

    Hi, I was going to say water pump, check to see if the tell tale hole is showing signs of a leaking gasket? Have you checked your oil for the colour? Head gasket? Sounds internal in the engine if there are no visible leaks and a pressure test hasn't found anything.
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    Upgraded clutch and flywheel?

    Hi, I am running a stage 1 on my GTD estate and am now looking at upgrading the transmission side of things before I upgrade the turbo/fuel pump. What are the torque limits on the factory set up and what are you running on a modified GTD setup? I have seen the well advertised Sach...
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    GTD Estate Exhaust (Miltek)

    Hi, I have a GTD estate and had a similar question. (Even contacted many suppliers direct for an answer) they will not fit due to size differences. Even as a cat back the dimensions are different. You will need to get a custom job done at a reputable exhaust shop. I got quoted £274.99 at a...
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    Dog Bone on a diesel?

    Hi, I'm running the powerflex diesel-specific dogbone insert on my GTD estate. ZERO NVH issues and I've had it fitted for a month. Just make sure you tighten to the correct specified torque and no further. Instant difference in acceleration, difference is brilliant in lower gears, where the...
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    GTD mk7 tapping/knocking when warm

    Sounds normal, Slightly rough on idle though. I'd recommend getting a carbon clean done by someone, especially going off the vehicle mileage. The carbon Build up around the intake/EGR/EVERYTHING can be a pain on diesels. It makes everything rough and can potentially cause further issues down...