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    Official Carbon Steel Metallic GTI / Golf Thread

    Just finished doing all 4 corners for brakes and put on a mint set of used Prets that I was lucky to find. Cell phone pics don’t do it justice! The stance is perfect. (Eibach prokit springs, 10mm spacer front, 15mm spacer rear)
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    SOLD: OEM VW Goal Wheels

    GLWS! What did you get for replacements?
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    Oil change discrepancy

    That’s a great explanation. Thanks for the insight!
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    OEM 19inch Pretoria on MK7 GTI

    10mm front and 15mm back. Gives the exact same poke as 15mm front and 20mm back (ECS flush kit) with Austin’s.
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    Oil change discrepancy

    Yes mine says the same. 6 quarts = 5.7 litres. It seems close enough that it’s probably not a big deal. I’ve never seen this on any of my other cars that I’ve owned so I thought maybe it was a “GTI-ism” that I wasn’t aware of.
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    Oil change discrepancy

    Just completed my oil change and the level was reading a bit off afterwards. I wanted to get as much old oil out as possible so I let it drain for a good 45 minutes while I had lunch and took the time to syringe out the oil that pools in the filter housing bottom. I filled it with 5.7 litres as...
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    Vancouver Chat Thread

    Hey Clem, I ended up finding a caliper tool on amazon for $19 so I grabbed it. Thanks for the offer though! Did you notice any difference going to a high flow filter? ( I believe you have the block off plate too). I’m Unitronic stage 1 on completely stock intake still and trying to decide which...
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    ECS rotors?

    Well as I dig deeper into my research more and more signs are pointing to going with blank rotors. It seems like it might not be worth it to spend a bunch of extra money on drilled rotors that provide no extra benefit and my be prone to cracking or causing noise, which kills me a little bit...
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    Continental DWS 06 for sale

    Also have these tires and would give them a top notch endorsement. Had great traction in recent snow storm. GLWS
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    Vancouver Chat Thread

    Awesome thanks man! Probably won't be doing the job until the spring so I'll send you a message then. Would love to see your car in person too!
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    Vancouver Chat Thread

    Anybody know of a place to borrow or rent a rear caliper tool around the lower mainland?
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    ECS rotors?

    I’m not a super aggressive driver, just daily driving with the odd spirited moment. Super wet winters where I live and I’m wanting an “upgraded” look, so sounds like drilled only might be the way to go for me. Thanks for all the input so far!
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    Split Spoke/"Tuning fork" Wheels, Looking for more options

    I saw those on Craigslist too. Super tempting. Post pics once you got them installed!
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    ECS rotors?

    Those look great! (and expensive). You can really feel the slots under braking? That seems like a pretty obvious major design flaw no?
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    Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs Review | '17 GTI SE

    I have the Eibach pro kits as well and I can second that the drop is perfect and ride is very slightly more harsh but very livable for daily driving, especially with the DCC. After over a year I'm still very happy with them.
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    ECS rotors?

    Almost time to do brakes on my 2015 PP. Looking to go for slotted or drilled rotors (mostly for looks tbh) and want good quality without spending a fortune. Anybody have any experience with these ECS rotors? I have their flush kit spacers on the car now and I'm happy with the quality of those...
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    This rattle will be the death of me...

    This rattle will be the death of me...SOLVED! (hopefully) Been fighting to find the source of a rattle for months now. So far I’ve lost all the battles but I’m determined to win the war. I first went to the googles and found the great post on the A pillar rattle and how-to fix. Got that all...
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    Oil/DSG service

    Will be needing an oil change and DSG service done soon. Looking for any recommendations on where to go (dealer or otherwise) for best price/overall service based on your experience. Thanks!
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    19" wheels...would you do it again?

    Looking for input from anyone running 19" wheels... I am looking for a second set of wheels for my GTI and never really had 19's on my radar, but a really good deal has popped up locally on a set of VMR V710FF 19" I know the biggest issue with going 19" is usually the weight, but these flow...
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    WTB: 2 Austins - rims only

    Unfortunately my wife introduced 2 of our rims to the curb yesterday, so I'm looking for 2 austins to replace them. Preferably in good condition with no rash. I live in Vancouver, Canada but have a shipping box in Blaine, WA. Thanks!