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    Hoon's DIYish Engine Build Thread

    That's sweet dude. Should be able to get a other 10 degrees timing at 33 psi. Thatll probably be max and get you to a 7.5 to 7.7 60 to 130
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    Hoon's DIYish Engine Build Thread

    I thought about an e46 but part me is like why not get a 350z as a dedicated track car? Same weight but comes with like 60 more hp. Just do brakes, square setup light wheels, coilovers, spl camber arms and bolt ons and I feel like that would be faster than a e46. I'm also referring to a 330ci...
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    I was fairly certain they dont offer that size in a 5x112. Can you double check that?
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    DBV2 V2 TBB turbo

    Bump, ill do 1750$ shipped in the US
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    Catch Can Filling Up Too Fast When Tracking

    I'm assuming the plumbing with an aftermarket catch can would be pcv plate to catchcan and catchcan to oil pan? And block off the hole in the inlet pipe
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    P2635/3A96 help

    Couldn't get 18 degrees timing? The dbv2 and eqt share a somewhat similar size compressor wheel. The turbine wheel is a huge difference. Eqt uses a td06 sl2 vs dbv2 td06h which is like 9mm bigger.
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    FS: MK7 SuperPro Control Arms - $275

    What's the most caster you guys are running on these setups anyways? I have the super pro caster bushings and had a shop install them cause I didnt wanna mess with pressing them out. I only run 7.8 degrees caster, is that what you guys ended up at?
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    Catch Can Filling Up Too Fast When Tracking

    But you're not puffing out black smoke on the track with the vwr plate right? Seems like all pcv replacements are about the same
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    Catch Can Filling Up Too Fast When Tracking

    True that. Quebster was gonna do that until shit hit the fan on his car. Shouldn't much to tapping a metal pan. I guess there wouldnt be a point of running a catch can anymore
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    Catch Can Filling Up Too Fast When Tracking

    I've recently heard that a baffled oil pan does not help with this either. Sounds like theres no remedy for this issue here besides just keep emptying it and stopping off oil
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    Hoon's DIYish Engine Build Thread

    Why exactly are you revving out to 7900? I thought most people limit to 7800 as theres not much point in going any higher on most hybrids
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    Hoon's DIYish Engine Build Thread

    Did you track the e46? I wanna get one to track just because I feel like it would be so much better than our cars. I agree its gonna be slower in the straight tho
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    Street Touring Hatchback (STH) discussion/setup

    I doubt oil is causing detonation. Pull your plugs and check to see if they're covered in oil. More than likely, that sound you're hearing could be detonation from running lean since you're tracking with low fuel level. The fuel tank design in these cars is notorious for fuel starvation at high...
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    New APR Ignition Coils (Red, Blue, and Grey)

    Does more coil output always translate to more power Does more coil output translate to more power? A dyno graph would be nice
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    Upgraded suspension

    I would choose either BC racing coilovers or broadway statics. Promise you wont be disappointed with either
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    DBV2 V2 TBB turbo

    Bump, added in a CTS turbo inlet with the deal and dropped down to 1800$
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    2020 HPDE Plans

    Were you trying to include that 20$ bill in the pic as if it was a package deal? :D
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    Anyone running Fortune Auto 510 Coilovers?

    Been wondering this too. Last time I brought up fa510s in another thread I was trying to see if they were almost as good as ohlins, someone said they would never compare the 2. I know ohlins are good but I dont get how they're so much better than the fortune auto options
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    FS: Unitronic Turbo Discharge Pipe and Silicone Couplers

    Did the dyno show that this made no significant gains?