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  1. shortyb

    One Ethanol... Who's tried it?

    And does it have the co-solvents and corrosion inhibitors that pump E85 does? Could be some nasty stuff if not. Kinda like when folks poured MEK in their tanks to raise octane and wondered why their fuel system melted.
  2. shortyb

    APR No Longer Providing Stage 2 Tunes After Labour Day. Other Tuners to Follow

    The EPA will NOT be reasonable to the extent of over-regulating what they can get their hands on more and more. This continues their justification of existence cycle. Good news though, this cat and mouse game has been going on for eons and will always reward our patience with worthwhile...
  3. shortyb

    APR No Longer Offering DP or Stage 2 After Labor Day, a 1.8T Discussion

    And thus the bigger fines collected to, uh "help fund" the defunded EPA that come from bigger companies is much more desirable and worthwhile. They could spend more on the attorney fees going after Jake just get what, their Kuerig pods paid for a month in the DC office? Gott love the Guv'ment 😁.
  4. shortyb

    5150 IS20 E85 Map (ChiChiS20) - 378.79 WHP 444.72 WTQ

    A bent rod or 2 will flatten the curve out 😁.
  5. shortyb

    FS: Volkswagen Pretoria 19” Wheels and Tires

    My favorite OEM VW wheels by far (I'm a bit biased though ;)). They are semi-forged and made by either BBS or Borbet, pretty damn light. Wheel and OE Conti tire combo was 5 lbs. lighter each than the OE Austins/Bridgestones. Makes a noticeable difference in the handling/braking dynamics. And...
  6. shortyb

    What oil do you run?

    ftfy ;) 100% synthetic overall though. Picking nits, but it's good stuff.
  7. shortyb

    Disappointed in amount of turbo lag in my 2020 GTI

    If you get an OBD11 (and you should), the throttle adaption is an "app". This means all the coding steps and changes are already done so all you have to do is press 1-button. The throttle response app is "ok", but not a neck snapper by any means. If you aren't inclined to tune the car in any...
  8. shortyb

    JB4 Logging, stacking and Map 6 Discussion

    Looks good. Run that race fuel out and fill straight 91 (unless ya have E). Intercooler seems to be doing a good job, nice advance on pull 2.
  9. shortyb

    JB4 Logging, stacking and Map 6 Discussion

    Check to make sure all your fuel bias is set to 100. Also, when you log, put your pedal all the way down and keep it there. Log 3rd gear from 2500 all the way to 6500 and shift, then keep the pedal down and log into 4th gear. Its getting hot, do you have access to E85?
  10. shortyb

    Garages of picture thread

    Just got a 4 year old Whirlpool SXS from the used appliance store for $245. 26cf. gets very cold, and is in great shape. Probably sell the chest freezer for that much so net cost will be damn near $0. Oh, and it holds way more beer than the son's mini-fridge :).
  11. shortyb

    Garages of picture thread

    Son going back to college next week so my beer fridge goes too :confused:. Prompted wife to say we get a side by side and sell the huge chest freezer taking up a LOT of space in front of my car. That gets replaced by an extension of my tiny worktop bench and now I can move all my reloading...
  12. shortyb

    Went Stage 2 with EQT, not performing as expected. Logs included.

    Stock (and Rutheniums) are 7 RS7s are an 8 (1 step "colder")
  13. shortyb

    EQT Tuned

    Can't remember if you said you had or not, but have you checked the wastegate voltage or run adaption? I'm not sure if they go out of adjustment often but don't believe they do. Still, another variable to check off.
  14. shortyb

    Moog rear end links

    Both nice bars, but I'd go H&R simply for the no-noise bushings if nothing else.
  15. shortyb


    Saw 3 more "new" ones to my area over the weekend. A Tornado Red, Iron Blue, and White Silver. Welcome, welcome, and welcome.