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    2018 Stock R intercooler

    I have a used one about 20k on it. Swapped out to APR and I would like this unit gone. Make an offer! In Baltimore, MD area for pickup/meet. I need to check, but I think I have the plumbing too. I swapped out to APR silicone.
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    Stock 2018 R Intercooler

    I have a used stock 2018 R intercooler for sale. I’m in Baltimore area. Make an offer. I want it gone. About 18k miles on it.
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    Trailer hitch and towing

    I installed an EcoHitch. Had to take a good chunk out of lower fascia/diffuser to get bumper cover to seat fully. Wasn’t that bad of an install. Did an a3 once that was a nightmare. Overall, all you see is the receiver and it’s a pretty stealth setup.
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    Techie computer question

    I think I have bad ram on a laptop. I ran at least 12 passes with memtest and I kept getting the same error in the memory. From what I've found online, the ram is soldered to the board. Can the ram be swapped or am I looking at a whole new mb/laptop? Asus zenbook ux31 series. I was having...
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    Home theater pc build recs

    Hey all. I know we have some computer nerds/experts in here. I'm thinking of building a htpc and would prefer to keep it budget. Maybe a ssd for windows media center and related files, but either an external or internal hd for storage of media files. I see all kinds of build recommendations...
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    Broken iPhone 4s glass

    Anyone destroy the front glass on their iPhone 4s? Apple wanted $199 to replace the phone. Probably not a bad deal considering it's a whole new phone. But, I really don't feel like forking over that much cash considering my wife is due in 2 weeks. Anyone DIY? Looks doable, but a bit tedious with...