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  1. MrPEZident

    Official Carbon Steel Metallic GTI / Golf Thread

    They don't look bad at all dude, buuuuuuut, I do favor the silver look over the grey
  2. MrPEZident

    OBDeleven Issue

    Anyone? Bueller?
  3. MrPEZident

    OBDeleven Issue

    Wondering if anyone else has had this issue and if so how to fix it or know a work around for it. OBDeleven shows my 2017 SE as a MK7.5 GTI when it is a MK7. So, the only adjustments and retrofits it shows are those for the facelift GTI. Why does it suck? Because I would like to be able to use...
  4. MrPEZident

    Odd Power Folding Mirrors Question

    Yes they did come with puddle lights. I did not mess with any adaptations so the turn off option does not show in the head unit. All I did was the driver and passenger door long coding to activate the puddle lights and enable the manual switch.... something wierd though, they operate with the...
  5. MrPEZident

    Odd Power Folding Mirrors Question

    Finally got around to installing them. Confirmed the mirrors w/DAP do work just fine on a non-DAP car, just got an extra wire chillin' in the mirror housing and the other end chillin' in the door panel.
  6. MrPEZident

    Cloth for Leather Trade?

    This is a long shot I know, but I am looking for someone with a MK7 GTI with the plaid cloth interior that may be interested in trading with me for my leather interior. 2017 GTI SE, located in Ramstein-Miesenbach. Message me if interested, thanks.
  7. MrPEZident

    Rear View Mirror Question

    So I got this OE auto dimming rear view mirror I took off my '19 Golf R when I upgraded it to the Homelink mirror. The part# is 3G0857511AM9B9. Anyone happen to know if I can put it into my '17 GTI SE, plug the rain sensor connector into it and have it work? Thanks in advance.
  8. MrPEZident

    18 Pretoria Replica Rims

    I had a pair of 19" replica Pretoria'a on a GTI I don't own anymore. I had a quality set of tires on them, didn't feel any difference. They felt fine and I never had any problems with them.
  9. MrPEZident

    Question for BBS CI-R Owners

    I am thinking of going for some Platinum Silver BBS CI-R wheels for my GTI. However, half the pictures online make them look silver and the other half make them look grey. So, to anyone who has these wheels, in person do they appear more silver (shiny) or more grey (dull)? Thanks in advance!
  10. MrPEZident

    FS: European Headlight Switch and Tail Light Wiring Harness

    I have a never used Golf R European headlight switch and also a never used wiring harness (by ZER0815) for retrofitting NA MK7.5's with rear European tail lights. Just make me an offer on each or both. Paypal Plus shipping + fees, sent USPS First Class or Priority.
  11. MrPEZident

    Official Carbon Steel Metallic GTI / Golf Thread

    My new to me 2017 SE, 6-Speed manual. This is the 3rd MK7 my roof bars have been on now (I'm indecisive, ha)
  12. MrPEZident

    Odd Power Folding Mirrors Question

    Awesome news, thank you for the quick and detailed reply!
  13. MrPEZident

    Odd Power Folding Mirrors Question

    I had purchased a set of these folding side mirrors for my car that had DAP/blind spot monitoring but I never installed them. I now own a different model car without DAP. My question is; could I still install the DAP folding mirrors on the non-DAP car and still have them be folding-functional...
  14. MrPEZident

    GTI Lifespan

    Thanks to everyone for your inputs! Hopefully I keep this one for a long while.
  15. MrPEZident

    GTI Lifespan

    US spec vehicle. SE, 6 speed manual transmission. 1 owner, a female in her late 20's. the miles are all highway miles, she lives 30 miles from work. She provided the full maintenace records, all done on-time at a local VW dealership. I just got back from driving it on the autobahn and some back...
  16. MrPEZident

    GTI Lifespan

    My 2019 Golf R had soot blackened exhaust tips with 420 miles on the odo, lol
  17. MrPEZident

    First 2021 front magazine cover!

    Starting to grow on me, but...still waiting to see how the North American model cars have VW completely ruin the aesthetics of the car with that dumbass orange side marker placement.
  18. MrPEZident

    GTI Lifespan

    I want to know your MK7's mileage. Any 15-16 model years over 100k miles on the odo yet? Why am I asking? I am looking at a '17 GTI but it already has over 60k miles on it. Would be hesitant to purchase if I only got 3-5 years and 40-50k miles out of it. Thanks in advance for your feedback.
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    I have one