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    Road Side of the Side Extensions Cleaning

    Would WD-40 work on removing road stripe paint from the wheel well?
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    Upstate Ny

    I suppose it doesn't count as upstate, but Hudson Valley here.
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    Exhaust suggestions? CSS vs. Borla?

    Hell no, silent as a whisper now! :LOL:
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    Exhaust suggestions? CSS vs. Borla?

    Well, worried about throwing errors and possibly screwing something up. I'm not educated enough when it comes to getting the right downpipe, o2 spacer if needed without a tune, etc. Worried if something gets jacked and I have to take it in and needs warranty work, they'll give me $h1t for it...
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    Exhaust suggestions? CSS vs. Borla?

    I'm really interested to hear how it sounds! Not doing a downpipe anytime soon, but it's always good to see how all these mods make this car my best decision this year! :D Question about the the vibrant resonator...did you have to weld it or did you clamp it to the rest of the your system...
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    Exhaust suggestions? CSS vs. Borla?

    Damn, you didn't even wait for warranty to expire! You're braver than I am! I know a lot of people run tunes and are good, but I have the type of luck that would get a tune and something breaks :ROFLMAO: wait...:cry:...not funny actually. I was literally mind @#$@!#$ getting the cat-back cause i...
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    Exhaust suggestions? CSS vs. Borla?

    I've read on these forums about that and is probably why I may just stick with the cat-back and go Stage 1 93 octane. This is my daily driver and going Stage 2 might not be something I want down the road. I would get a catted DP and install a resonator to the mix, "if" I go down that rabbit...
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    Exhaust suggestions? CSS vs. Borla?

    I've driven on the highway once since the install (working from home), but I drove an hour out to my brother in law's this past weekend. To me, there is a little drone, but nothing more than you would hear with Soundaktor on. It's not constant and it didn't bother me at all. My 7 yr old was in...
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    Exhaust suggestions? CSS vs. Borla?

    It wasn't cold at all. I thought the same thing, that it took a really long time to warm up. I just had installed it the day prior to recording the clip, but haven't driven the car for a few days. Seems to be ok now.
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    Exhaust suggestions? CSS vs. Borla?

    The part number I have is 140751 since I have a 2020. But judging from your info, the 140750 will be the right part for you. They are both S Type so basically the same, just fitted to our models. I also opted out of getting a resonator for more sound. Added a sound clip from my set up. Full...
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    Exhaust suggestions? CSS vs. Borla?

    I have under 3000 miles on my GTI. Didn't want to get a tune yet but wanted a better tone, so I went with the Borla S Type. Installed it right before the holiday weekend. Sounds deeper, sportier and you get burbles when letting off the gas.
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    What do you miss from your previous car?

    Leather seats and dual auto climate control.
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    Anybody have a Helix Dongle in the NY Metro Area?

    What's local to you? I have a dongle and I'm a bit over an hour north of NYC.
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    THE Helix Dongle Programming Rental Thread -- Part 2

    Just installed helix sub today, I would like to rent the dongle please.