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    Sunroof leak in rear of car? Diagrams needed

    Sharkfin antenna can also be a place for water ingress
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    APR No Longer Providing Stage 2 Tunes After Labour Day. Other Tuners to Follow

    Proves most of the government regulation affecting aftermarket downpipes has more to do with "people control" than clean air/water... This change is just easy low hanging fruit for the government bureaucrats and lawyers....
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    Missing Engine Cover ?

    VW only uses it for sound deadening and aesthetics
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    Tires cupping

    Green means factory specifications....which is good for lawyers and safety....not what is best for tire wear.... As I have stated previously....high camber settings combined with toe (primarily in the rear of the car) This is an exagerated drawing of what the rear thread blocks of your rear...
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    Alternator charging voltage?

    Where and when are you reading the "alternator voltage"? BLUF: You need to use a vagcom, odb11, or take it to a shop and get the ecm coded... then.... You can troubleshoot further.... For the 2nd to 3rd time.... If the car deems your battery as's only going to supply float...
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    Alternator charge voltage.

    Both.... The float voltage is around 13.5v depending on the specific chemistry of the battery. I suggest doing some self study using google and youtube on how batteries and alternators operate.
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    Need help with tire stretch size!

    the mk7 facebook group probably has lots of photos of what you are looking for...
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    Alternator charge voltage.

    They will "do it for free" if you buy an h6 battery from them for $199-249...they will charge for them...
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    Alternator charge voltage.

    You do need to code the battery...using odb11 or a vagcom Alternator voltage will drop with respect to temperature...Also, the hotter the battery gets then less overall charge it will take.
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    Federal Tire Reviews Good or Bad?

    It's hard to recommend something to someone when you don't know what their budget is? If you can afford more than $76 a tire...confirm you are buying for a gti? I assume you are looking for an all season...
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    Tires cupping

    While closer to zero is almost always be better for wear...with the minimal camber you are running, the cupping or feathering should be minimal. The cheaper the tires the more pronounced the cupping/feathering seems to be. Your before measurements were almost zero...what prompted you to change?
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    Moog Endlinks Grease

    Did you grease them during the install?
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    Golf R mk7 2015 Tuned stage 2 Help CHECK OIL LEVEL

    You should check the oil level in your car once a month...minimum.
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    Average MPG?

    80 percent highway at 65...I average 33.
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    Who here really has cooling figured out for the Mk7?

    2.5 of 3 are correct. At least with an apr my experience. A stock tuned VW runs coolant anywhere from 195 to 230. The coolant needle on the gauge cluster will show 200 with a coolant temp from 170-230 (normalized operation). 230ish for a few seconds (rad fan kicks on), then the car...
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    Tires cupping

    Cupping from a bad shock would occur over a greater section of the tire tread. The Inner shoulder wear the thread starter is seeing is primary caused by VWs stock alignment settings (toe in combined with high camber, constantly scrubs the inner shoulder rolling down the road). VW sets up the...
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    scratch on roof

    Buy some't let the hairless apes at the dealer install more scratches or wear n tear...