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  1. Jose_Gti

    2019 GTI 6MT Stalling Issue

    I bought mine marked as a lemon for the stalling issue, supposedly fixed by VW. 2000 miles later not a single problem, I hope it continues like that.
  2. Jose_Gti

    Euro MIB II 8" glass screen

    Hi guys, I have a 2019 GTI but looking to upgrade the radio to the 8” I found a disclaimer that says: IMPORTANT: the vehicle must have the memory card entry inside the glove compartment. Odd enough I don’t have the memory card accessory on my glove box. Any advice?
  3. Jose_Gti

    Water damaged headlights

    The headlights should have drains, check if they are operational, take out the headlight unit, the bulbs and leave it to dry under the sun.
  4. Jose_Gti

    Carbon cleaning at 50,000mi worth it?

    Also for reference:
  5. Jose_Gti

    Multimedia upgrade questions

    That's a good reason (y)
  6. Jose_Gti

    Carbon cleaning at 50,000mi worth it?

    Thanks for the info! I guess you don’t have the OEM pcv?
  7. Jose_Gti

    Carbon cleaning at 50,000mi worth it?

    What is chemical cleaning? Edit. How often do you empty your catch can?
  8. Jose_Gti

    Carbon cleaning at 50,000mi worth it?

    IMHO that depends, if you are going to do it because you enjoy taking care of your engine, sure do it, there shouldn’t be that much carbon build, but it will help for maintainable for sure. If you are going to pay a mechanic to do the whole walnut blasting thing I would wait to 70k miles to do...
  9. Jose_Gti

    Epc light and engine light on

    Take it where you got it tuned and see what they say.
  10. Jose_Gti

    IS38 install_Philly area

    A little further away is AP tuning, in and out the same day, APR certified and very competitive prices. For a turbo install should be $500 if I remember correctly.
  11. Jose_Gti

    Multimedia upgrade questions

    Why not upgrade to the newer 9”?
  12. Jose_Gti

    Multimedia upgrade questions

    I think it should work but you can send euro zone tuning an email they will know for sure...
  13. Jose_Gti

    Mk7 Manual Transmission Oil change howto

    It can last for ever but is recommended to be changed at 70k miles is a matter of preference and preventing maintenance. It’s not going to void your warranty unless you mess up putting the wrong oil or something strange like that.
  14. Jose_Gti

    What's a logical amount of money to spend modding?

    For me it's more like a hobby, so spend what you feel it's going to make you happy and that's it. If you want to put it into numbers it won't make sense because when you resell the car or even part out all your mods you will get 50% of what you spent. Some people spend thousand of dollars just...
  15. Jose_Gti

    New (to me) 2017 GTI maintenance / APR questions

    Also keep an eye on the spark plugs they will tell you how the engine is doing. If you don’t have them already, upgrade to colder plugs. wouldn't hurt to upgrade the intercooler either.
  16. Jose_Gti

    WTB: GTI Hood Insulation

    Could be, how much shipped to 19145?
  17. Jose_Gti

    WTB: GTI Hood Insulation

    My 2019 GTI came without it and I'm still undecided on what to do.... Any benefits besides noise reduction? would the heat of the engine slowly rip of the paint from the hood?
  18. Jose_Gti

    Hatch weather seal sticking together causing leaks during rain

    If they don’t replace it under warranty, I use this to help maintain the rubber and avoid squeaking noises. nextzett 91480615 'Gummi Pflege Stift' Rubber Care Stick - 3.4 fl. oz
  19. Jose_Gti

    Weird jerky engine feeling? Lol

    How many miles in your car? Any mods? It would be great if you could make a video of the issue.
  20. Jose_Gti

    Out with my 17 in with the 19

    Congratulations on your new car. I just did the same from my 2015 manual GTI to a 2019 manual GTI. Enjoy!