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  1. Stavrosqq

    Best fitment on stock fenders?

    After some research i found out that wheels with specs 18x9 et42 can fit to stock fenders beatiful. As we say it in my country face2face with the fender. Do you have anything else to add ? A photo would be lovely. I'm running 18x8 ET40 right now and my rear wheels are a bit inside the fender...
  2. Stavrosqq

    TDI Blow-Off (?)

    Hello , is it possible to install a blow-off valve to a 1.6 MK7 TDI? Any usefull links / tips. Has anyone done it? Also if you could send me a video to hear it that would be awesome. Right now my car has air intake (K&N filter) Here is a random blow off that i saw on the internet
  3. Stavrosqq

    Retrofit multi-function steering wheel [H-E-L-P]

    • Hello, my car doesn't have a multi-function steering wheel and i am trying to figure out the parts that i need in order to accomplish it. • Can someone give me some tips? Till now the only thing i know is that i need buttons & a control module but i don't know the excact part number and what...
  4. Stavrosqq

    Help needed

    Can someone help and tell me how to remove this particular part? I wanna wrap the bottom part to piano black like i did with the shift knob! Thanks in advance
  5. Stavrosqq

    From Five to Seven

    • Hello.. Two weeks ago i sold my beloved MK5 which you can see here and recently bought a MK7 Diesel.i • A new journey starts for me.. Things needs to be done asap in order to stand out in the crowd. First things first i...