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    DFW - dyno recommendations

    Thanks for that one, any more in the N.Dallas/Plano area ???
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    Best OBDII scanner

    What is the best one - in your opinion - and where do you get it ???
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    2017 ordering info

    Supposedly the 2017 spec sheets/ordering information was to come out on the 23rd of April. Has anyone seen any yet ???
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    Interesting VW Video
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    16 R-line Beetle vs 16 GTI

    Since they seem to have the same engine and trans options, how do the two compare performance wise ???
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    Power Package still available ???

    Been looking at web sites to find GTI I want and see that none of them - including VWoA site show the power package. They all seem to show the light package (which I want) but not the power package under "options". Is it still available ? Does it go by some other name than "Power Package" ???
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    Width of wheels

    What is the width on the stock 2016 GTI wheels and the offset, if any ???
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    New GTI

    I'm in the process of acquiring a new GTI and am curious as to whether, if I plan on getting a Stage one tune, if it makes any difference whether you start with a PP one or just a standard one ?? I understand about the brakes and differential but the question just pertains to the tune.