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    Deals on 2020 models?

    With the recent economic downturn, auto sales have dropped and automakers are likely going to offer special deals to entice buyers. In Canada, VW is currently offering $3000 cash back, or 0% financing for 60 months for 2019 GTI. So perhaps VW will also be offering this deal on 2020 GTIs later...
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    Mk7 vs Mk8

    What would you rather purchase - 2020 Mk7 or 2021 Mk 8... Mk8 will supposedly be priced a bit higher than the Mk7 and have around 242 hp. I dont think an increase from 228 hp to 242 will make much of a difference in performance. The difference in the exterior design is negligible. But...
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    2019 GTI 6MT Stalling Issue

    Does anyone know if the 2020 models are having the same stalling issues as the 2019. Has VW resolved these issues for the 2020
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    2018 vs 2019 GTI- which would you buy?

    Readers' Poll: Which GTI would you buy- the 2018 or 2019? The 2019 has 8 more HP and offers slightly better performance. BUT is known to have the stalling issues. Is it worth taking the risk of stalling issues for the 8 additional HP?? Would love to hear your thoughts on this!!
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    Mk7 GTI vs Mercedes A 250 Hatch

    In Canada they are priced somewhat similarly. The A 250 has similar specs (221 hp, 0-100 km/h in 6.2 sec) but only comes with automatic. Which car would you choose? I wonder how the long-term cost of ownership will compare between the 2 cars...
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    2019 GTI vs 2019 Mazda 3

    Which would be the better buy? GTI has 220 hp vs 186 for the Mazda 3 Base price of a GTI is much more than the Mazda 3 Cost of ownership for the GTI will be more than the Mazda 3. The Mazda will likely be MUCH more reliable. GTI is likely more fun and satisfying to drive- but is it worth...
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    GTI as a used car purchase

    I really like the GTI and am seriously considering getting a used one 4-5 years from now (2019+ model). However, the reliability concerns are what's holding me back. The car really fits all my requirements- fast, fun to drive, good fuel economy, and large cargo capacity. The other cars that I...
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    Canada Pricing 2 door vs 4 door Mk7

    1. In Canada, unfortunately the base model GTI priced at $27,995 is only available for the 2 door model. The 4 door GTI is available with the Autobahn package and is priced at $32,895. The 2 door with the Autobahn package is priced at $31,995. I really prefer the 4 door model over the 2...