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    PowerDemon’s '15 MK7

    i did so much research and came up with blanks on what it takes to make 'X' power on just the WRX. I'm completely at a loss lol. Good to know modded STI's are only around 325whp. Should be a god run for ya
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    Anyone want to help me with Down pipe install ?

    i struggled doing it, alone but it's doable. yep jack it high as you can go, i found success in basically pulling it toward the rear passenger side and twisting around as it came out. new one was not bad at all because they aren't as bulky. You will need a special o2 sensor socket from a local...
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    Fitting a USB

    I went the amazon route (first linked item here) and its been awesome. No extra plug in the cig lighter; seems more 'oem'. Only thing though is you cant also do the 'fuse box mod' that keeps the port on while the car is off, because it can drain the battery
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    Round 2 with a MK7, this time performance package

    so far it's holding up fine; only been around 5000 miles since i got the car/tuned it. at ~67k now i think though so it's lasted the whole life of the car plus me for about 9 months haha
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    Loud "pothole impact" sound over bumps normal?

    FWIW I did put my dcc to sport mode yesterday, seemed that a few potholes/transitions that often WHACK were much subdued. Though the ride is more bouncy in general i may just keep it in sport for a while and see how it holds up!
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    Front Deadset Kit Opinions?

    i'll chime in to say it was definately worth it from my MK6, which has a similar subframe setup. Before, it would shift back and forth a good bit when stopping; i would have described the noise as a squeak of sorts, occasionally a clunk. Reducing the millimeter or whatever the subframe may move...
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    Diggs24 Build Thread

    oh wow i got some catchup reading to do! sick build dude!
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    Loud "pothole impact" sound over bumps normal?

    i did miss that before - nice tip! i will certainly give that a shot; normal is not a bad mode to stick in anyway. sports not even all too bad.
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    FS: ECS IS38 package

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    FS: ECS IS38 package

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    2015 golf r

    If original battery might be worth replacing if you got 200 bucks to lose, or you can try reseating the terminal clamps on the battery posts. Sometimes an imperfect connection causes dumb issues like that. Autozone tests batteries for free as well if you wanna be sure.
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    Konig Ampliform

    Yea im running 235. Lowered and not rubbing nearly perfect fitment
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    Konig Ampliform

    i have em and could not be happier. they are the perfect lightweight wheel. so far have held up fine over quite a few bad roads around me. you need cone seat bolts but i did a stud conversion for the hell of it (links below for what i happened to get, but you can get by with cone seat stock...
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    FS: ECS IS38 package

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    Bolt Ons, Hoses, etc.

    i think its worth it for the fun of it; we enjoy modding cars that's why most of us do it. dollar for HP, no there are massiely better things you can do with your money and for the power, but in the long haul the little shit we do to our cars adds up i think. if nothing else makes a more fun car...
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    Tint-Safe Glass Cleaner

    Hey i mean its alaays worth checking into other options but short of stoners glass cleaner which i think is also safe for tints (dont quote me but i never had an issue) chemguys is my recent fav
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    FS: ECS IS38 package

    after getting a few lowball offers, im dropping the price to 800 shipped if you are halfaay across the country from Illinois, and 850 if near a coastline/all the way across the country from Illinois.
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    Tint-Safe Glass Cleaner

    Chemicalguys sells a good glass cleaner thats safe for tint, works great too