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  1. PLF8593

    Tint-Safe Glass Cleaner

    Hey all - I got tints for the first time a few weeks ago, and the tint guy told me that dogs' saliva is corrosive to the film and should always be promptly wiped off the window if you have a slobbery dog. Well, I have a big, slobbery dog. I've been using water and microfiber to wipe it away so...
  2. PLF8593

    WTB Golf R / Alltrack RSB

    I am in the market for a used 4Motion MQB RSB for my Alltrack. I am looking for a more moderate stiffness increase. I would take EMD RSB, H&R, Superpro. The good stuff please :D To reiterate, this is for an Alltrack so it would need to be a Golf R / 4-Motion MQB rear sway bar. Thanks!
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    please delete

    mods please delete
  4. PLF8593

    eBay / PayPal 0% Interest 12-24 month sale

    I didn't see signs anyone else made a post about this, but there's currently a sale running through 5/14 on eBay for 0% interest for 6-24 months when checking out via PayPal Credit depending on how much you spend on eBay. It's: -$100+, 6 months -$300+, 12 months -$600+, 24 months What have you...
  5. PLF8593

    Mobile App for new site?

    All - This is GolfWang from before the migration, I've had issues for months and have missed being apart of these forums. Is there a mobile app everyone is using like the old Tapatalk? I usually used that instead of going on my computer anyway.
  6. PLF8593

    Which app are you using?

    All, The site merger/migration has messed me up big time the last few months. Is there an app y’all are using now that we’re off tapatalk? Or is the forum browser based only now?
  7. PLF8593

    Why are VW’s older DSG models tuned better than the newer ones? Gas mileage.

    This weekend my girlfriend bought a 2012 JSW TDI with DSG trans. Her car will never see a single modification. And I have to say - i feel a very sour, rotten taste in my mouth over how much better the OEM DSG programming is in this 2012 TDI than in my 2015 GTI. I’ve driven 3 DSG cars in my life...
  8. PLF8593

    Tips for buying MK4 Jetta Wagon

    Hi all, I recognize this is GolfMK7, but this is one of the more active Golf communities online and I figure many people here know a thing or two about MK4's. Anyway, my girlfriend's 03 Civic died last week and she's in love with this 2002 Jetta Wagon automatic with 60K miles, in mint...
  9. PLF8593

    Suspension Overhaul - Clarifying Questions

    Hey all, I'm finally upgrading my suspension, for the first time in my life. My GTI is at 70K miles and I'm ready to ditch the worn OEM suspension, bushings, and strut mounts for all-new everything. My plan is to get either Koni Special Active strust or Bilstein B8's, with Emanuelle Design...
  10. PLF8593

    Cam switchover @ 3K

    So as I understand it, @ 3K rpm there is a “can switchover” (which I admittedly don’t understand quite what that means in detail, but understand that the engine goes into making power/advancing timing mode). It’s weird though, my car feels like it’s pulling timing at this exact spot everytime...
  11. PLF8593

    Unitronic S1 TCU Initial Thoughts

    So I've gone a semi unique route with tuning my car. I've always said I don't mind driving a slow car (more fun to drive a slow car fast than a fast car slow, and I don't need any more excuses to lose my license than I already have), however the OEM TCU programming just has. to. go. So I tuned...
  12. PLF8593

    Will someone let me use their wifi to install uniconnect+?

    Sounds funny, but my wifi is on the opposite corner of my house and it's a shitty comcast router. I'm looking for someone within an hour of Philadelphia/Cherry Hill NJ who'd be kind enough to let me park my car in their driveway and use your wifi to download my Unitronic tune to my car :) Will...
  13. PLF8593

    Superpro Suspension Bushings

    So, I am researching bushing upgrades for my GTI with 64K miles on it. ModdedEuros website doesn’t filter results by what fits my car, so it’s making researching what’s available semi difficult, since there’s such an overload of nearly identical sounding bushings. So I guess my question is: who...
  14. PLF8593

    APR + lower 034 inserts FS

    Editing OP because I have 1 dogbone mount FS lol. BFI S1 is BNIB. - $30 shipped
  15. PLF8593

    OEM Lower Dogbone Bush Part Number

    So my lower dogbone rubber bushing is trashed, and I want to replace it and do the 034 upper and lower inserts with BFI S1 mounts. Does anyone know how I can find the Part Number? Keffer VW doesn't have an interactive parts guide anymore.
  16. PLF8593

    Who has *REPLACED* the OEM dogbone mount assembly (with OEM)?

    I am nearly positive my OEM dogbone mount is shredded, and I'm trying to decide on whether to just get rid of it and go powerflex hybrid, or replace with OEM again and do the powerflex insert. NVH is a p big deal to me, so I'm inclined to replace the OEM mount and run the insert, but I've thrown...
  17. PLF8593

    Engine/Transmission Mount Install - NJ/Philly area

    Hi guys, I'm hoping to find a guy in New Jersey, or in the Philly/Wilmington area who has installed aftermarket engine/trans mounts on their MK7 Golf/GTI, and is willing to help me out. I will pay you a shop rate for the work. I just want to be with someone as they're doing it, so I can make...
  18. PLF8593

    Have you had pendulum mount issues?

    So, my life is a joke. I got a new DSG in July because the housing had sheered due to my Roc-Euro Stabilizer Bar's bolts backing out and allowing enough movement to crack the casing. I had had the part installed at a very reputable shop in North Jersey, one that gets raving reviews from people...
  19. PLF8593

    "FI System Maintenace: Oil removal" Service?

    Just thought of this: we all know about the importance of doing a carbon cleaning to get the caked garbage off the backs of our valves every 60K or so (ymmv). It seems as though it's also very common for oil to build up in allll the FI pathways (IC, inlet/outlet, DV, etc). How does this...
  20. PLF8593

    DSG falls on its face shifting into 3rd

    So last year I had a DTE Pedalbox fitted to my 2015 DSG GTI. Here and there, not too consistently, the transmission would fall flat on its face after shifting into 3rd the very first time I would accelerate after taking it out of P after turning it on. So, again, this would *ONLY* happen the...