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  1. N2fastcars

    Persistent TPMS Error

    Thank you. I appreciate that. I have Cup2 connects on my GTI and I’ve thought a few times I should have bought the sensors and display they have for it! I’m curious about the Audi sensors. Were you able to activate that with VCDS?
  2. N2fastcars

    Sachs SRE Clutch Kit Review - GTI

    Over 65k on mine now. 4 track weekends at VIR about 8 1/4 mile passes, APR Stage 2 for most of that time, now APR is38 tune and on Cup2’s. Still doing great. If it goes out, I will probably get the same one again.
  3. N2fastcars

    Persistent TPMS Error

    I’m having a similar issue on my 2015 GTI, it started about 2 weeks ago. Had a few random times in the past but reset and it went away. Tpms light starts flashing about every 4 key cycles. It’s driving me crazy only been about 1 lb off on all four tires. Tomorrow I will check the rear abs...
  4. N2fastcars

    2018 Autobahn paid off

    We bought a MK8 R last year so my wife and I can both go to HPDE events at VIR. It has been fun but expensive to keep up with consumables on two vehicles. The mod list is long for the old GTI but for now it’s still ahead of the R. I’m with a lot of you, I still love driving my GTI. With all...
  5. N2fastcars

    What other cars do you own?

    Very nice! I would love a ZL1 as a weekend toy!
  6. N2fastcars

    Falken Axenis FK510

    I am currently running the Firestone Indy 500’s and they are just about done. I am considering trying these Axenis FK510’s. Has anyone tried them or have any experience with them? Thanks in advance.
  7. N2fastcars

    Crisis Mode

    I remember when my wife use to buy me car parts...
  8. N2fastcars

    3 row SUV for the family + towing

    In 2010 my wife had a brand new rental Surburban, when a lady ran into her 4Runner, and I loved it, but she hated it! I totally get the appeal and a 5.3 is great. Hopefully the previous owners kept up on all the maintenance.
  9. N2fastcars

    3 row SUV for the family + towing

    In November my wife traded her Pilot in on a smaller, 2018 Tiguan. Even though the Pilot was roomier and had an actual towing capacity, the Tiguan works better for us 95% of the time. It is a much lower monthly payment and it’s not as bland as the Pilot was. We decided that if we went on a...
  10. N2fastcars

    What Car Is Better

    It’s! Lol Sorry couldn’t help myself
  11. N2fastcars

    Tonight we became a two VW car family

    Thanks, I like it more every time I drive it! I apologize if I posted this in the wrong area.
  12. N2fastcars

    Tonight we became a two VW car family

    Tonight my wife traded her 2017 Honda Pilot Exl in on a 2018 Tiguan SE 4motion with panoramic sunroof, black interior and black exterior... it’s nice to get a brand new car and reduce your monthly car payment!
  13. N2fastcars

    Old Timers - DZ302

    I love it! That is one of my top 5 cars ever! Prices have gone crazy in the last ten or so years, I don’t think I will ever own one I fortunately...
  14. N2fastcars

    C8 'Vette

    I saw that movie as a kid, in a drive in! I loved it. I actually liked it better after the guys stole it and repainted it gold!
  15. N2fastcars

    C8 'Vette

    I will wait to make my final decision on the looks when I see it in person. For me the C6 Zo6 and ZR1 are hard to beat, very elegant and definitely Corvette... The C7 was definitely looked like they were trying way too hard, not a big fan of those cars...
  16. N2fastcars

    "20 Reasons Why You Should Never Buy A German Car"

    X2. I hate those and avoid them as well.
  17. N2fastcars

    "EPA Fines Tuning Company $300,000"

    I agree some of these tricks are really fast when they are built correctly. I have seen more and more of them at our semi-local 1/8 track. There are plenty that run low 7’s in the 1/8, and I appreciate what it takes to get a 7,000 lb vehicle to do that. I just hate the whole rolling coal thing
  18. N2fastcars

    "EPA Fines Tuning Company $300,000"

    There are thousands of these rolling coal diesel trucks around me, it’s so annoying and you almost never see them pulling a trailer! I was surrounded by three of them the other day on my way home from work. They are so annoying but really get their feelings hurt when they can’t beat a little 4...