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    Ferrari sucking wind, hopefully RBR can continue to improve and close the gap to Merc by second half of the season. Max is showing some good patience and now sits 3rd. If he can start qualifying 3rd ... watch out
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    Agreed, he is leaving nothing on the table, hats off to him for smoking everyone including Hamster. Ferrari is nowhere and it’s truly sad. Meanwhile Max closing in and hungry like the wolf.
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    2019 Rabbit GTI be continued

    2019 Rabbit GTI DSG Just wanted to get started, it is going to be a loooong road for me but I already have a long list of modifications planned! Just a few initial thoughts after putting some miles on him. Really quite impressed with the handling and the limited slip, it works better than...
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    Best Shop in Bay Area for lowering spring install and alignment?

    Hi guys I live near SF, Ca and was hoping to get a shop recommendation for installing lowering springs and aligning. The first performance shop I called wants 1k to install no alignment. Want to investigate and see if this is a fair price and get some recomendations if you guys have any. Thanks
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    2019 Rabbit GTI Review (Fletchers Couch)

    ...ok technically I am not writing this review from Fletcher's couch but I could be. :) Before I start the review just a quick shout out to Oakland VW who treated us great and although my trade in was far from ideal, they did their best. Brownie Pts - Talao Sadler (Sales Manager) and his...
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    Rabbit Edition GTI Availability

    So I am looking at one of these Rabbit editions and I am curious what you guys think about the production numbers (1000 gray 1000 cornflower blue 500 white and 500 black), I understand there will only be 3000 total for the US in 2019. Do you guys think these will still be available come spring...
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    2019 Golf R Pricing

    So I am starting to reach out to dealers in the Bay Area about Golf R’s. It’s been a bit negative so far with some dealers saying they are special order only. Others saying we won’t see them until maybe April. Special orders take 4-6 months AND there are no incentives or discounts on them. I...
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    So many great stories this year. Hopefully Ferrari can pick up the pieces and Binotto can do some good. I had mixed feelings about the Marlboro man, but many in the know say he contributed to the second half slump. Watching RBR in earnest along with Williams, great respect for Kubica.