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  1. 777-300ER

    Upgrading headlights

    Wait are you going from oem xenons to crappy Chinese knockoffs?
  2. 777-300ER

    What causes thrust bearing failure?

    Pulling the engine for preventative maintenance?
  3. 777-300ER

    17" Winter Wheel Offsets

    Every time I order wheels from tire rack I just order a set of aluminum hubcentric rings on Amazon for ten bucks. Work much better than plastic ones and I've never had a problem with em.
  4. 777-300ER

    Raising headlight beam

    On my car I never adjusted anything. Just relearned the sensor and done.
  5. 777-300ER

    Replace 034 puck inserts with BFI?

    One of my good friends ran a 12.6 on street tires with both inserts and bfi stage 1 mounts. You'll be fine, if anything they'll last much longer due to the reduced pivot action of the drivetrain.
  6. 777-300ER

    Did I just break my Diff?

    Dead blow + hopes and dreams.
  7. 777-300ER

    Talk to me like I'm stupid

    I wouldn't go with a wider fender for that. If you are seriously doing this buy good suspension with some kind of camber adjustment.
  8. 777-300ER

    Alignment deviation after 7months Daily Driving

    Did you weigh the car before each alignment? The toe in and greater negative camber in the rear makes me think extra weight.
  9. 777-300ER

    Need help on bumpstop

    Should have just slid on...
  10. 777-300ER

    Headunit education and upgrades?

    Brain, display, extension harness, aux port with 3.5mm jack as I believe low and high use different modules.
  11. 777-300ER

    Headunit education and upgrades?

    You have MIB2.5 low. Old units in the US were all mib2mid or mib2 high. Low units are all one piece integrated into the display without a CD player. If you are having issues with AA get a fresh cable. Had issues as well until I switched to a specific brand I have had good luck with in the past.
  12. 777-300ER

    Krown application on my 2016 R

    Daily driving mine for 2 michigan winters and haven't seen anything really severe in the name of even surface rust. No coating other than a leaking oil pan gasket which seems to do a decent job
  13. 777-300ER

    Converting to aftermarket headlights from LP

    States they are only compatible with models that have xenon main beams and halogen running lamps. Will not work with LP cars sadly, USDM especially.
  14. 777-300ER

    Fender subwoofer mods

    Dual 2 ohm is stamped on the back of the stock woofer so I'd say yes.
  15. 777-300ER

    Tune AND Eco Mode MK7.5 GTI

    Eco mode is just a different transmission programming, however I'd stay away with a flash due to aggressive boost down low causing LSPI with cruise control.
  16. 777-300ER

    White smoke from exhaust with fluid leaking out of it

    Looks like they agree. Post a video tomorrow. Condensation can linger especially if many short trips allow condensation to form in the muffler/resonator.
  17. 777-300ER

    White smoke from exhaust with fluid leaking out of it

    I still think it's condensation. Post a video if you get the car back and they say nothing is wrong.
  18. 777-300ER

    Black Plastic Sunroof Panel Replacement/Fix

    Yes, that's the part number. Good luck getting it repaired.
  19. 777-300ER

    Scandinavian lights. Before and after.

    I thought Scandinavian lights were just the rears being on as daytime running lights.
  20. 777-300ER

    Minor collision, bumper/grill/headlight/hood don't align

    The radiator support can move forwards and backwards. There are two t30's on each side of the frame horns that have plenty of movement in them. There will be a mark if they slid backwards, and in my last intercooler install it was aligned quite far forward. I will take pictures for you tomorrow...