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  1. OldVWFan

    Factory Brake fluid question. Is the VW stuff low viscosity?

    If unsure call or email them and ask. When looking at their website the bottle they show does indicate Class on it, so I would inquire. Personally, I have used the Pentosin DOT4 LV brake fluid. I can get this from Autozone and I have no problems.
  2. OldVWFan

    gtd manual gear box

    I use Motul gear 300 75W90, but Red Line, Febi Bilstien, Ligui Moly make gear oils for VWs. Just make sure it meets the specs in your manual.
  3. OldVWFan

    2016 Sportwagen S Stock 95k miles Stutters When Warm, no CEL

    Since you are not getting a CEL then I don't believe that it is a misfire so Is this a 1.8T engine? Since you say you have no CEL then I don't believe that plugs or coils are the problem. I have never heard of the PCV causing this problem, have you removed the oil fill cap to see if the...
  4. OldVWFan

    Trouble downshifting from 3rd gear into 2nd. Anyone else?

    Since this a 2015 model check the cables ends for worn bushings, check the shifter for worn bushings also that allow slop and check the plastic shifter cable bracket.
  5. OldVWFan

    SUING to SHUT DOWN Laguna Seca Raceway for noise & environmental reasons

    Track has been there since the mid 50s, probably much longer than many if not all of the complaining homeowners, so they knew the track was there was why did they move so close? The lawsuit is a joke and should be dismissed. It brings in too much money to the county also. I really hope the track...
  6. OldVWFan

    Stumbling start (intermittently, so that's fun [still not fixed, apparently])?

    Maybe the injectors are a little dirty and dribbling? Have you ever run some injector cleaner through it, like Techron?
  7. OldVWFan

    2025 Gti

    Don't like the wheel design on Facelift GTI.
  8. OldVWFan

    Normal amount of rear wheel play?

    If that is the case, then I would continue to drive the car but keep a watch on the bushings. Look at/check them every oil change.
  9. OldVWFan

    Normal amount of rear wheel play?

    I would suggest that you get someone to help and have them move the tire side to side and back and forth while you look at each suspension bushing, appears one or more is bad.
  10. OldVWFan

    Normal amount of rear wheel play?

    It is hard to say if the play is normal because one cannot determine how much force you are putting on the tire. How many miles does the car have and has the car had any suspension work or damage? I can say my 2017 GTI does not have that kind of play when checking for wheel bearing play. I hold...
  11. OldVWFan

    2025 Gti

    More BS electronics on it that have nothing to enhance the driving experience, especially no manual gearbox, so for me it is out, I'll keep my 2017 GTI Sport.
  12. OldVWFan

    Brother's Sportwagon, oil falling into a black hole!

    Above you say he purchased the car with 90k+ miles and he currently has 106k miles, so he has driven it less than 16k, then you state he is on his second oil change, so when did he do the first change, right after the purchase? At what mileage? When did he do the second oil change, at what...
  13. OldVWFan

    Do the cloth seats feel different than the leather ones?

    Yes. Electric seats to me are just something else to go fail and they weigh more.
  14. OldVWFan

    Do the cloth seats feel different than the leather ones?

    I prefer the cloth seats over the leather seats. I don't know if structurally they are different as seat and the side bolsters look the same. I do know that leather is feels colder in the winter and hotter in the summer when initially sitting down and you need to treat the leather occasionally...
  15. OldVWFan

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Drove it and enjoyed it!
  16. OldVWFan

    How badly is my bumper damaged

    It is not damaged, somehow it has been pulled away from the clips, push it back in and it should stay.
  17. OldVWFan

    Normal coolant temp

    I will see an oil temp of 214F regularly this time of year and wouldn't want to see it colder than the water temp anyway as it needs to hot to rid itself of contaminants. I will at times see 220F depending on the traffic, ambient temp, and how I drive.
  18. OldVWFan

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    General maintenance: oil and filter change with LM, new spark plugs, new canister purge valve & PCV, cleaned & oiled K&N air filter and new cabin filter.
  19. OldVWFan

    Manual trans fluid?

    Check, they have oem fluid and redline