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    Unitronic Stage 2 w/ New Turbo Flutter

    Uni stage 2 here as well. I have this same issue. From what I have read it is normal. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but flutter is only an issue when under heavy load. My flutter happens like you when I left off the throttle cruising on highway speeds. It bothered me but I got used to it.
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    New APR Intake System for Only $189.95!

    Me either I bought it at 6 pm on a Monday and received it that Wednesday. I will use them again.
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    New APR Intake System for Only $189.95!

    They are in stock right now at
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    New APR Intake System for Only $189.95!

    Check I bought one last week and they shipped quick.
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    Just paid a buck a gallon more for 93. Anybody else thinking about going back to Map 0?

    Isn't this bad for your fuel pump? My mechanic told me that the gas in the tank keeps in tank fuel pumps cool and that running it dry can lead to your fuel pump being burnt up. Is that true for our vehicles?
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    MK7 Confessions

    I have a catless dp and a stage 2 crackle tune. I am also a high school teacher in my 30's. I think it's funny when I pull in and my colleagues think my car is a students car. I have way too much fun with the pops and bangs.
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    MK7 Confessions

    Even if it was a minor fender bender it feels like the car will never drive the same again.
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    MK7 Confessions

    I know it's not the fastest tune and I'm fine with that.i like how it wakes the car up. I know I'm in the minority here but it works for me.
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    MK7 Confessions

    Just went Uni stage 2 and I still haven't wound it out in 4th
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Went Uni Stage 2 I didn't think I would like the overrun file but it is not too abnoxious.
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    MK7 "Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread"

    Will this downpipe fit my 2021 GTI? Some sites say it will and others say it won't. The online chat is off for the site and they did not have a fitment chart.
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    Cars with ridiculous wings.

    Saw these two today
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    What did you get in the mail or bring home for your MKVII today?

    @jimlloyd40 I am looking for a dp and going Uni stage 2. The invidia downpipe is on sale. Was the quality and fitment good or should I look for something else? I
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    2021 Vagfair anyone?

    They have VW Nationals in Boonboro MD that day. I think I would rather take the wife and kids here.
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    Mk8 GTI to be revealed in March

    Tired of hearing the opinikns of MT vs DSG. Everyone has an opinion for pineapple on pizza.