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    Please Delete

    Golfs none gti?
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    SOLD: BNIB EQT Coilovers

    Spring rates?
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    SOLD: Brand New SuperPro 22mm Adjustable Rear Sway Bar - $OLD

    Received item quick as described. +1 for @Doge
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    Missing a wheel bolt/lug – what am I looking for to replace it?

    Auto zone should have oem bolts. I just grabbed some the other day.
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    Break help please.

    I have 2017gti non pp. I have installed new calipers and rotors on my front. Racingline evo stage 2. I bled the brakes numerous times and still have a spongy pedal. Had no issues before change. Anyone have any input on what it is or what I could do? Its pissing me off😩
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    FS: Alcantara wrapped Steering Wheel Swap

    How well do the proclips hold up?
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    Pretty much 1 of 2 street edition ones probably
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    According to their website they have 3 diffuser.
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    Which rear diffuser?
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    Macan caliper complete setup

    Id love this, if youd be willing to ship.
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    1L of DSG Fluid - Free + Shipping

    Ill take it. 47904 zip
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    Oem roof rack, Bike attachment and fairing

    60016 interested
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    Anyone has a roof rack in good condition they want to get rid of? Im located in the midwest.
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    SOLD (4) 235/35R/19 Continental ContiSportContact tires - NoVA

    This is exactly what I need!! :// in Indiana/Chicago tho fml
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    FS: OEM Headlight Switch ('17 S)

    I can pick it up in Chicago this weekend no problem so let me know.
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    FS: OEM Headlight Switch ('17 S)

    Is this a direct fit for '17 ?