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    FS Dallas rims and winter tires

    Selling wheels off my 2019 GTI, sold the car and no longer need the set. Wheels and tires have less than far less than 10,000 miles on them and are in great shape. Set used from Nov 19 to Feb 20 only. Tires are Michelin pillot Alpin PA4 225/40R18 and are really good in the snow rims are...
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    It's the subtle cosmetic mods I like... POST YOURS

    love the emblems.. where did you get the Mario kart blanks?
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    Building a Golf R Sportwagen Nicely done
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    6/30/2020 - Carmax Trade Value

    In a similar boat with WFH now trying to figure out if I really need to have a note every month. Just glad it’s not the corvette note I was carrying before this one. i hate paying for a car that’s rarely used.
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    2020 Golf R 8 revealed.

    Huh, I like it.
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    Are people with 2019s still experiencing the stalling issue?

    had the recall done, no issues. TBH I only had issues in the first 1,000 miles anyway.
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    Mk8 GTI to be revealed in March

    Overall I like. I hate the wheels and lack of HVAC buttons though. one thing struck me as odd.. he talks about the rear doors now having hard plastic to say money.. the rear doors have hard plastic on the current gen
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    2019 GTI 6MT Stalling Issue

    letter received today as well. Been stall free but since 500 but I’ll probably get it done soon. Certainly before 2025?
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    SOLD...APR downpipe + AWE catback for GTI $800

    Hey, I’m in highlands ranch and interested. Will send a PM
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    2019 GTI 6MT Stalling Issue

    Ah , that’s good news on the fix! At 5k now, no further stalls since the one very early on.
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    The Model 3 ruined my life

    I’ve driven the S and the 3, that instant torque is fantastic. Nice car too but I would not say it was fun to drive past the instant take off. Next car is very likely to be an electric but I’m keeping a fun manual car too. If VW does the ID buzz right, I’ll be all over it.
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    Anybody a video game junkie?

    Currently hooked on the outer worlds. Really fun game, good dialogue and nice weapon choices.
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    Anybody a video game junkie?

    Been playing since Atari , don’t see myself ever stopping. Just finished borderlands 3 and now replaying the Last of us on PS4 in anticipation for the sequel. Forgot how amazing this game is.
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Put Goodyear exhilerate's on the VMR v802's. Really happy with the new setup. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Drove it up to the mountains with the wife to do a fall leaf tour. Beautiful day here, pics are from the summit of Guanella pass (11,670 ) Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Installed the D Dock not to long ago. This this is fantastic. Nice to have a solid connection. Highly recommended Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    Pictures of you dog(s)

    Thanks! He’s a good boy; the breed is very active, they love to run. Affectionate when they want to be and they don’t shed much which is a bonus. I’ve had multiple lab/Shepard mixes, all have been great dogs. Never seen a Mallinois in person, look like a nice breed though!
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    Pictures of you dog(s)

    Lol, we get that question quite often. Anubis is a pharaoh hound. One of the oldest dog breeds. They’re pretty rare, you don’t see them much.