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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Cams are a very uncommon upgrade on these engines, to the point where I have never heard of someone doing it on the EA888 Gen3. Valve springs, rods and pistons are more common when building one. These engines are fairly robust from the start so don't need too much.
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    Cobb AP (V201 maps) - 2018 Golf-R (USDM) - Start Stop doesn't work

    I believe I remember reading its an issue with some models and they don't plan on fixing it. Contact Cobb to be sure.
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    EQT E-Tuning Q&A

    When doing logging its best to log from a single gear like 3 or 4 and go all the way from lets say 2500rpm to 6800-7000rpm with the accelerator down the whole way. That being said boost looks weird
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    Any meetups in the Aurora/Denver area?

    Awesome! lookin forward to it.
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    Any meetups in the Aurora/Denver area?

    Recently moved to the area so will pay attention for the next meet
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    It’s been a hell of a month. 1. New windshield due to crack 2. Somehow during new windshield replacement the hood strut let go 3. Bolt for cam shaft actuator wiggles out and needed to be replaced. 4. New DWS plus tires due to rebar sized hole in one of the tires and the PSAS4’s are on back...
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    Procrastination: "parts you got in the mail years ago and still didn't do to to your GTI today"

    Man I can’t stand having parts lying around. Most I install the weekend following when they arrive. I think the longest I have ever had a part sitting was a week and a half which was a rear sway bar that I was waiting for endlinks to arrive.
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    Coil ground wire part number?

    Thats what I ended up doing as a temporary fix. Then ordered an EQT ground wire which I really liked.
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    TPMS question

    Since you rotated the tires there was a big enough difference between the rotated wheels it set off the sensor. Have had that happen to me also, just re-set them and you will be fine
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Installed one of those on my 16 GTI SE, there are lots of different mirrors depending on your package or car year. So careful which one you get.
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    E30 Stage 1 EQT Injectors

    Been flipping between my 91 and E30 tunes. The car has 115k on it and injectors have not had an issue. Most of the injector issues I see are people pushing the car.
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    Cobb traction control and RPM cut

    An easy way to tell is to turn off the Cobb TC and still see if your issue persists.
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    Cobb traction control and RPM cut

    The Cobb TC I believe is pulling timing to reduce torque. They have info on it here
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    Coil ground wire part number?

    Thank you both for the suggestions. Will have to ponder this a bit more.
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    Coil ground wire part number?

    Tried searching but cant seem to find an answer. Im expecting since it doesn't have a part number on it, its part of a bigger piece, hopefully not the whole wiring harness for the coilpacks. Im looking for a part number for the ground wire going between the coil pack connector and post that...
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    Gigabit WiFi 6 Mesh System Recommendations?

    Don’t get too hung up on Wi-Fi6. Most devices don’t need more than 100mbps to do anything they need extremely smoothly. A lot of devices also don’t support it yet. Wi-fi 5 will be more than enough. What’s more important is the router itself is capable of doing gigabit and not just the interface...
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    2017 Automatic transmission leak

    The DSG trans is really slick, read up on it. Its not your typical Automatic.
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    So, where can one go for a primer in turbo/boost/tune parlance?

    I wrote this up for the basics but the MegaSquirt link in it goes over things in a lot of detail
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    Coil overs or shocks and springs?

    I went through a similar debate on what I wanted and talked through it here
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    Long Term Spark Plug Thoughts

    Had a chance to look at both the R7438-8 and the R7437-8 NGK spark plugs today. Took some pictures and compared the specs. Interesting that the R7437-8 doesnt go down into the combustion chamber as much.