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    How to retro-fit the Mk8 rear suspension aero covers or stone guards to a Mk7 Golf.

    Got these fitted today, thanks for the guide Dave. I ended up using the rivnuts and installing with a tool like this from eBay, which made it very easy - ratchet spanner on the nut and a socket on the bolt head at the top to stop it turning and I was done in a couple of minutes!
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    How to retro-fit skid trays, aerodynamic under trays, & stone guards to a MK7 Golf

    Just wanted to say thanks for all the info - fitted the front aero undertray, rear exhaust tunnel cover and rear subframe cover to my 2019 GTI PP, along with the rear subframe harmonic damper and the RS3 front brake air guides. In case it helps anyone else... The Mk8 front exhaust tunnel cover...