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    Wastegate on Stock Turbo

    I posted a thread before regarding getting a EPC code. Turned out it was the wastegate, it had failed and was dangling. I was on APR Stage1 93 tune and detuned it, got the turbo fixed under warranty and retuned it last week after "breaking in" the turbo for about 1000 miles. I never drove the...
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    EPC Code Popping up intermittently

    I'm driving a mildly tuned golf tsi. APR stage 1, intake, sway bar, gfb diverter valve. Noticed getting on the highway in 3rd and went to step on it a little, nothing crazy, that the car bogged and had no boost or any pick up. Look down to see if I was in a wrong gear on accident, see the EPC...
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    Gas Pedal Vibration

    I'll do my best to explain this.. Have 41k on a 2016 Golf TSI 5sp. Never had an issue. Thermostat housing was leaking, got it replaced under warranty. Drive it off the lot, notice a distinct vibration in the gas pedal once I put a little gas on it, basically when the boost is being created...
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    Rear Sway Bar Noise Or Springs?

    I recently did some work on my golf, first time really installing anything other than brakes and an oil change. Had a friend who has a stage 2 jetta help me out since he is much more familiar with VW than I am. I installed some DG springs and a rear sway bar for some better performance...
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    Parts fitting on a base Golf TSI

    So I did a quick search and I saw some topics that showed how to do some modifications to fit GTI parts to a base Golf. So I'm sorry if there is a direct thread for this and if so someone can link me and I'll have this closed. Anyways, First VW and started the modding process. I bought some...