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    EQT E-Tuning Q&A

    What is the current time frame on getting updated tunes? Sent in my logs on Sunday nite as of this Friday morning, nothing yet.
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    SOLD :set of 19" Englishtown wheels, Manch, NH

    Spring is coming, new price and it's OBO.
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    SOLD :set of 19" Englishtown wheels, Manch, NH

    Do not want to ship. Price update.
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    Another Poor Fuel Economy Thread

    Getting close to 70k miles on my '18 R, 20 mile commute: half city / hwy. 70 -80 on hwy and accelerate briskly from the toll booth. Getting around 25 mpg, calculating manually. Trip computer is a little more optimistic at 26 mpg. Stage 1 engine / dsg tune.
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    SOLD :set of 19" Englishtown wheels, Manch, NH

    Lowered price and its OBO.
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    MK7.5 Headlight Housing Crack

    Stuff like that go in person, people are less likely to be rude to you in person vs over the phone. I have about 5 dealers in a 50 mile radius from me and I would have no problem going to every one of them to plead my case.
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    SOLD :set of 19" Englishtown wheels, Manch, NH

    Price update, tired of looking at these sitting unused in my garage.
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    SOLD :set of 19" Englishtown wheels, Manch, NH

    New pics and price.
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    Timing chain.

    I remember having to change the old Belts at 60k ('04 Passat, 1.8T), so 120k on a chain is an improvement.
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    Something loose under car

    Just a quick follow up. It was not a clunk but rather a rattle. Jacked the car up from one side and looked a little underneath, of course did not see much. So scheduled a trip to the dealer. It was a fastener on a heatshield missing. Which allowed the heatshield to contact the driveshaft...
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    Something loose under car

    Noticeable when driving at low speeds, 25 mph on broken pavement. Clunking , something hitting/moving . When I put my elbow on the arm rest and fingers on the DSG shifter I can notice it. Feels like it is directly below that area. Not noticed at higher speeds or smooth roads. Recently had the...
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    Leaking door seal?

    My old '04 Passat had a leak like that. Aluminum panel bolted and sealed to inner part of door and the foam gasket had failed allowing water to enter car over the threshold. Fixed with butyl rubber ( 3M window weld) like in the link ZERO815 gave. (y)
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    Haldex leaking...

    From what I was told, NOT the end that has a seal. :eek: Currently at 61k miles. New diff costs $3500. Car is a '18 R. Had my shop do a carbon clean and intercooler install ( they were going to also do a Haldex service, rear diff fluid change) and they alerted me about the leak. So Tues...
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    Is This Right?

    On my old '04 Passat braking was rear biased. When through 2 sets of rear pads vs one set for the fronts in the same time frame.
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    12 year corrosion warranty

    I tried on my old '04 Passat. Rust bubbling around the license plate light openings in the trunk. The dealer even took pics and submitted them to VW. Went nowhere. Good luck.
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    Wheel Bolt Torque Spec

    Thanks, ( insert whatever political party/ person you dislike here). PS: ALL politicians are crooks. They may not go to Washington as millionaires, but they leave as one.
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    SOLD :set of 19" Englishtown wheels, Manch, NH

    In the Manchester, NH area. I am open to road trips and meet somewhere half way. Hell I once went to NYC for a 2.0L block for my old '85 GTI back in the day. :D
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    SOLD :set of 19" Englishtown wheels, Manch, NH

    No bends or cracks. I would have to have the rubber taken off the wheels first. Right now, guessing shipping would be $100 or so.
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    SOLD :set of 19" Englishtown wheels, Manch, NH

    Makes a great x-mas present. ;)
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    2018 R Muffler Weep Hole Soot

    I would imagine it is normal. What did you clean it with? WD40 and a green Scotchbrite pad take care of my sooty tips.