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    New Bilstein B4 rear shocks are noisy

    Hi mrmatto, yes I'm going to check things over the weekend and if it still persists I might try fitting the old top monuts on the new shocks and see what happens then.
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    New Bilstein B4 rear shocks are noisy

    Hi Finglonga, I fitted Bilstein 19-230559 I beleive this one is the only one listed for multilink
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    New Bilstein B4 rear shocks are noisy

    Hi Folks, I had to replace the rear springs on my 2013 2.0 tdi SE Golf as one had snapped. Whilst doing this, I noticed that one of the original rear shocks was leaking so I decided to order replacements. I ordered Bilstein B4 shock and Bilstein new top mounts. I fitted them a few weeks ago...
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    ABS issue - changed sensor now reading incorrect signal

    Ok, so I just wanted to conclude this. I found that the part supplied by Eurocarparts was incorrect for my car, as mine is fitted with ACC, levelling headlights etc and the sensor was for cars without these. I contacted two main dealers asking for a price on the correct sensor, but neither of...
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    ABS issue - changed sensor now reading incorrect signal

    So, seeing that the rear right ABS sensor was open/short to ground, I decided to buy a new sensor from Eurocarparts, a Bosch on, and fitted it this morning. I checked the harness that goes to that sensor and it all looked intacted, no damage that I can see. Trouble is this has not cleared the...
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    ABS issue - changed sensor now reading incorrect signal

    Hi, I had an issue with my 2013 2.0TDI Golf at Christmas, started it up and everything lit up, ABS, ACC, Hill Hold etc. After scanning with VCDS I thought the battery was on the way out as the bus was reporting 10.7v. Ordered a new battery and fitted it, took the car for a 10 mile drive and all...
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    Air Con issue

    Hi Guy's, bit of a long story so please bear with me. I had a problem with my air con yesterday. I had driven approximately 20 miles on the motorway yesterday, the outside temperature was 28 degrees C, I had the air con on full (not climate control on my SE, just standard AC). I stopped in...
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    Tailgate wiring loom grommet part number

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me, I need to find out the part number for the lefthand (looking at the car from behind) rubber grommet that the wiring loom goes through from the roof to the tailgate as mine has broken the plastic clip that holds it to the tailgate. I have tried using sikaflex...
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    Rain/light sensor - Wrong mounting position

    I did a scan using VCDS this morning and it picked up the following error: 934149 - Rain/light recognition sensor B1366 76 [008] - Wrong mounting position Intermittent - Confirmed - Tested Since Memory Clear Freeze Frame: Fault Status...
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    Upgrading standard xenon to dynamic cornering xenons, is it possible ?

    Hi, I have just purchased a 2013 SE with standard xenons (non-LED) fitted as an option. Would I be able to change the headlights for xenons with dynamic cornerning, I'm guessing from a Golf R ? Is it a case of replacing the headlights and re-encoding ? Many thanks