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    How can you enforce this and sleep at night? Cliffs Notes: 70 year old Navy Vet is told he will be evicted from his subsidized housing complex if he violates a rule not allowing any wall hangings. What he wants to hang on the wall is an AMERICAN FLAG for...
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    i don't know why i can't stop laughing at this

    bert and ernie go brutal InZNBcJTmWs
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    i have a computer question (hard drive related)

    i have a lenovo y430 laptop with 3 gigs of ram, centrino cpu, vista, and 240GB hdd i am not super computer savvy so please keep that in mind! my hdd formatted is in 2 partitions C and D with drive C=103GB and drive D=114GB my C drive only has 6.65GB free because that is where everything is...
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    Hilarious/Weird Craigslist Personals Ad
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    RIP Nick Adenhart

    for those baseball fans out terrible is today? Although I did not know Nick personally, we lived in the same town. He was a few years younger than me so I never played against him but my buddy has hit against him a few times in Legion ball. It really hits home when so many people...
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    i am drunk

    too mccuh vodkaa!!!!!!!! i loev this place
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    can someone explain bit torrents to me

    ok i am not completely computer illiterate but am looking for a simple explanation on bit torrents. i use utorrent and isohunt to dl some music from time to time but i dont really understand how it works 1 how "safe" it is from viruses, "the law", etc 2 if i take the file out of utorrent...
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    funny fortune from my chinese food

    i don't have a picture of it but i will write this word for word of what the fortune from my fortune cookie said tonite. "People try thing, because they just don't want it enough." i love how it is in broken english that doesn't make sense. a buddy of mine and i were out for chinese lunch a...
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    anyone willing to give "life" advice

    this is not a feel sorry for me thread. i am just looking for some suggestions to possibly spark something that i may not have thought of already. i am almost 25 and finding myself extremely bored with life. i graduated from college a couple years ago with a B.S. in marketing. I took a job...
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    cell phone number porting question

    ok so i switched from sprint to at&t back in july and got an iphone 3g. i abosultly love the phone, love at&t's customer service and website, however i HATE at&t's coverage. it has been a nightmare, i drop calls all the time, i don't get service nearly the places i had with sprint, and just...
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    need some PC/Internet help (i am not too savvy)

    i have been having issues with my internet lately and was hoping to get some help...I am on cable with our local cable company using a motorola cable modem and then i have a netgear wireless g router. right now there are just 2 desktops and my xbox hooked to the router through cat5 network...
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    any mountain bikers out there?

    i used to ride a good bit in high school and then i got a drivers license and kinda got out of it. anyways i just got done building my new bike and have been on some short rides and love it. i am on a 2006 kona kikapu deluxe frame (brand new frame that i acquired :headbang: but my set up is as...