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    MK7 7.5 Illuminated OEM+ DSG Paddles for Golf GTI R GLi SOLD

    I have some OEM + extended DSG paddles made by NCZWORKS. Illuminates the + and - on the paddles when lights turn on. Paid 200 + shipping for these. I believe they are discontinued. Took them off my MK7.5R Asking 120 Shipped.
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    COBB AP V3 EQT ECU & DSG Maps (Pre Greenspeed Update) MK7.5R SOLD

    This is what was in the AP info: AP_VEHICLE=VLK_CYFB_8V09C0BB01 AP_CM1_VEHICLE=VLK_DSG_0GC300012A From Cobb: The following roms can be flashed with the 8V09C0BB01 rom: 8V0906259E 8V0906259H 8V0906259K 8V0906259P From EQT: For 2015-2018 vehicles, All modern tunes starting with v2.0 are...
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    COBB AP V3 EQT ECU & DSG Maps (Pre Greenspeed Update) MK7.5R SOLD

    Selling a Cobb AP3-VLK-003 DSG unlocked with EQT tunes listed below. These were files from before the Greenspeed update was implemented, so the stage 2 files have CEL suppressed. Has been fully uninstalled (screenshots below). This is from a 2018 Golf R, so DSG tune will be for the 7 Speed...
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    2018 GOLF R 14K miles Too early to go MPI?

    I just bought a 2018 Golf R with 14K miles on it. I do still have the manufacturers warranty for about another 3 years or so or til 70k miles. Since the car has only 14k miles with probably very little carbon build up at the moment, would it be a smart move to go MPI sooner than later? Sure I...