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    Sharkapalooza VW Experience 2015

    Anyone Going?
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    Got a call from VW - $50.00

    They appoligized for the recent recall and said they are sending me a $50.00 cc for my troubles. Should be here in about 3-4 weeks.
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    Got my Go Pro

    Delivered tonight
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    Monster Mats

    Worth it? love to hear some opinions.
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    Got to love North Texas

    Below is the weather forecast today for north Texas. First line of storms (not all that strong) are minutes away. The strong ones may be here while my new car is out in the elements. I will be keeping a close eye on it and hopefully be able to come home and put her in the garage if the large...
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    From the North Texas area. Denton to be exact.
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    If you have your windows tinted

    Did you tint the little triangle of glass in front of the front doors? I got my windows tinted today and opted out of them trying to accomplish this.
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    Do you have a New MKVII? PLEASE READ

    Picked up my car Saturday and really like it, EXCEPT on anything but a silky smooth road, the front suspension is overly harsh, I mean knocking my back teeth loose. Took the car in so they can take a look at it. The Service Manager advised me that he got a new Service Bulletin today about...
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    Hello - New MKVII

    Just wanted to introduce myself, I'm Paul From North Texas. Below is my 2015 GTI Autobahn, auto with lighting pkg.