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    2017 Fusion Sport V6TT AWD

    I loved the new design, was looking into a nice red MKZ with panoramic sunroof. Pricetag discouraged me pretty fast but it looked like an awesome car. Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
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    2017 Fusion Sport V6TT AWD

    The R is not only an AWD up sell, larger turbo which means higher power comes with that price tag. Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
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    Car GPS vs Phone GPS issues

    Got an 2015 Autobahn (MIB I), having some issue with phone GPS reception in the car like waze or google maps (Moto Nexus 6), my wife tried hers too (Iphone 5) and also had connection issues, could not connect, mostly using LTE to triangulate. The worst is after trying my phone GPS it screws...
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    Not your average window tint thread

    Hey, So I finally got pulled over last night (definitely was not looking for it) after 3 weeks of ownership. Long story short I was "maybe" speeding home after a long (18hr) shift at work, the officer was nice enough to drop the speeding for a window tint ticket, he mesured the the passenger...
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    Hopefully new owner looking for some price feedback

    Hello everyone, first post and hopefully soon new owner of a MKVII. I have been caught in a hard haggle game for the past week with a local dealer for a GTI SE 4d 6MT priced for $25k (13k mi). On the same lot they have a Tornado red Autobahn that they just reduced to $24,999 (same setup, 4500...