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    Golf R Lasted 3 Months - Attempted Robbery

    Thought I'd share with the users of the forum. Back in March 2014 I placed my order for an R DSG which arrived in September. I managed to drive it for 2500 miles in the 3 months I had it. The Monday before Christmas 4 men wearing hoodies and gloves ran down my drive and booted the front door...
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    Golf R DSG - could do with a 7th gear

    Doing my first proper motorway run today noticed the car was doing 2500rpm at 70mph. The car seems to eat the gears and before you know it you're in 6th - even at slow speeds. Admittance there has been times the car has been hovering on 5th and rpm should be enough to move to 6th so knocked...
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    She's a beauty alright and those lines are perfect. :-)
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    DIY Fabric Protection Anyone?

    Has anyone applied a Scotch Gard protector to their fabric seats in the car? I know you can get dealer protection done which is probably the same stuff. My car arrives T minus 3 days; I have two under 10s and when I've relaxed a little about snacks etc being taken into the car I wanted to make...
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    Boot Dimensions for a boot protector

    I've seen a few items listed on 8bay and was looking at this one for my R in particular. It says it's top level (so assume if you didn't drop the boot cover down which I don't think you can in the R anyway like you can in a GTI etc). The seller asked me this; Thanks for getting in touch. I'm...
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    R - which petrol?

    See that Shell have a 99 RON fuel called V-Power Nitro+ but also seen at Tesco the Momentum 99. Shell has an additive to stop friction. Has anyone got any long term experience with both? Shell 137p/litre Tesco 133p/litre
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    Lease deal anyone?

    Not saying great but for awareness there are deals out there:
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    Shiny new R - would you leave at a dealer?

    So when you get your car and it has to have a service etc would you leave the car with the dealer? Would you tell them not to clean your car even though it's part of the service?
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    Rear camera in action

    Does anyone have any footage of the camera in use so I can see how it does the job? If you're going to make one please let someone else film.:)
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    Quench the thirst, try a GTI next week

    We have a monthly ride and drive event, unfortunately they're not bringing an R for VWs turn next week unless they surprise us so will get the opportunity to try the GTI instead. I'll let you know how I get on and thoughts, I did test drive an R although I didn't go too mad in it and loved the...
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    Lapiz Blue Golf R 5dr DSG

    Options fitted: Rear View Camera Winter Pack Interior: Race Cloth - Black (or Titan Black from VW site) - if anyone can link a pic of the standard non leather interior so I can pine over it Ordered: 12/03/2014 Build: 09/06/2014 (week 24) - 4 weeks today Estimated stock date: 22/08/2014...
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    Does Fuel 'RON' Make A Difference?

    I'm getting an R in a few months, is there any hard and fast answer for what type of petrol I use? If I use 95 RON it's obviously less potent than a 98, would it damage the engine or just reduce power? I think the RON for an R is recommended to 99 but my local garages only do up to 98, is 1...