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    What is your occupation?

    Maintenance Tech At Amazon, Elevator Mechanic By Trade.
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    JB1 with Data cable for sale, 350 shipped US only

    Used this for a few thousand miles and no issues at all absolutely love it but went with a tune so no need for it now. Comes with Jb1 and data cable, ive been using an aggressive map 6 which i'll leave on there but you can change to your liking / mods. Never sold on the forms before but have...
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    VMR V710 tire fitment

    First off sorry for beating a dead horse but ive been looking for a few hours and cant find a definitive answer. Looking into getting a set of VMR 710 18x8.5 I've seen most people run a 235/40r18 but ide like to go with a 245/40r18 Potenza RE-11 on stock suspension. any idea's if it will rub or...