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    Socal FS/ FT/ WTB Thread

    Someone has to want a catted DP for the R for $250!
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    Failing to get info from Bilstein Re: B4 & B6

    FWIW, DSC Sport did a shock dyno of the B16 dampers and found them to be inferior to the OEM dampers. If their damptronic isn't changing compression on their coils, I doubt it would change on their individual shocks...
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    AMS Intercooler Question

    This. I don't think there's much of a real-world difference on any reputable big name intercooler. From my personal experience, avoid the Burger Motorsports intercooler. You could buy the ebay intercooler and say you have an AMS or APR. They probably perform basically the same and no one...
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    Socal FS/ FT/ WTB Thread

    Got lazy updating this, so it's still sitting in my garage now asking $250. Also have brand new 8Y RS3 brake ducts (the bigger ones) - Sold Info thread
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    ► Official APEX VW SM-10 Flow Formed Wheel Thread

    RS4s are probably one of the better wearing but slower 200TW tires. They aren't all that loud either, so it is doable as a daily. Keep in mind, tires will shift on the wheels at track days and you'll probably have at least one unbalanced wheel after each track day. I haven't driven RS4s in...
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    Is buying a new MK7 Engine worth it? If so where and how?
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    Front camber adjustability options?

    Have you already done the fender screw mod?
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    PCV Valve Replacement Interesting analysis of the Mk8 PCV and what parts are needed to retrofit if you want to go down the rabbit hole.
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    What Would It Take To Install MK8 Brakes On My MK7 R? Not sure if it's any cheaper to buy their kit, but it's a lot simpler than piecing it together.
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    Gimmicky waste of time/money/effort mods

    An ac drive belt will not cause a breakdown. But, regardless of whether or not you believe the analogy is good or not, we're deviating from the point. You are addressing a symptom while the strut bar addresses the problem. Just because you saying it's not an issue beyond noise doesn't...
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    Gimmicky waste of time/money/effort mods

    Lubing the seals will only treat the symptom, not the problem. The seals are squeaking due to flexing and them no longer squeaking with the brace shows there's less flex. Does reducing that amount of flex actually do anything to how the car performs? I'm not a consistent enough driver to be...
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    Tire wear

    Have you looked into the Bridgestone Potenza Sports? I have no experience with them, but from the reviews online and TireRack testing, it seems promising as a poorman's PS4S. TireRack has the 225/40/18s for $604 after a MIR + tax.
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    Tire wear

    Funny how your post talks about driving in solo and not wanting 200TW tires for a daily, and immediately the discussion goes to PS4S aren't track tires and you need to buy 200TW tires. From the sidewall wear, it looks like the tire is folding over a lot. My guess is the tires are underinflated...
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    Help with Valuations 2016 Golf R with an APR stage 2

    CARB has been the framework for a lot of other states' emissions laws, so I'm sure CA is just as strict as any other state. Aftermarket emissions control companies that sell cats, like Magnaflow, offer cats that are 49 state compliant. Guess which state isn't included? I'm assuming you mean...
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    Help with Valuations 2016 Golf R with an APR stage 2

    Yes, you can flash back to a stock tune. No, you can not reset the flash counter, which is how VW determines if the ECU has been tampered with. He's not asking for anything about warranty coverage and his car is a 2016, being 7 or 8 years old it's clearly out of any VW warranty. I don't even...
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    Help with Valuations 2016 Golf R with an APR stage 2

    I don't know how it is in NJ, but if it's anything like CA, you need a smog cert to transfer title in a private party sale if it's for public road use which doesn't help your situation. Valuations have gone down, but have you compared what Carvana, CarMax, and all those other instant quote type...
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    Gimmicky waste of time/money/effort mods

    Front strut brace eliminated all of my window/door seal creaking from going up driveways and tripodding. It was one of my biggest complaints about the car from the factory. While completely anecdotal, it's done quite a bit for the chassis flex on my car.
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    CSS Front Knuckles

    From my understanding it's the final letter in the part number. -E is the CSS knuckle and the -A the standard knuckle. Also, I'm guessing it's just a typo, but I think you transcribed the 0 and the 4 incorrectly. Just wanted to point that out to make sure you have the right part number.
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    200tw tires for Track use

    Not going to start a pissing contest with you because you did not read the original question and posted screenshots of the incorrect tire. Enjoy being a keyboard warrior who gets defensive and sarcastic when he's wrong.