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    Burger Motorsports JB1 (Group 2) - $200

    Bump - still for sale. Price reduced to $150 shipped
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    Burger Motorsports JB1 (Group 2) - $200

    Selling my Burger Motorsports JB1 (Group 2). $190 plus shipping. PayPal only. It is currently running Map 1 @ 5.2PSI. I do not have the data cable.
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    First Brake Fluid Flush - Loose Bleeder Screw

    I could turn it with my fingers. No visible leaking of fluid, but my brakes were getting spongy (~4 years since purchase)
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    First Brake Fluid Flush - Loose Bleeder Screw

    Hey y’all - I was doing my brake fluid today and was about to loosen the passenger rear bleeder screw when I noticed it was already loose. I can’t believe it was loose from the factory. Anyone come across this issue doing their brake fluid flush the first time?
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    Why is the German aftermarket community/support so strong?

    Just out of curiosity, why is the online market so strong with the German car market? What I mean is that there's companies like FCP Euro, ECS Tuning, EUROTuning, that offer aftermarket parts across a large variety of euro cars within one location. A few of these companies also have some very...
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    Catted Downpipe vs Catback Exhaust (interior noise)

    Is that sound towards the front of the car or the rear seats?
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    Catted Downpipe vs Catback Exhaust (interior noise)

    I’ll be removing and putting stock catback on. Good point , I’ve updated Op
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    Help Reattaching Interior Rear View Mirror to Ball Joint (MK7 Golf GTI)

    Thanks so much everyone. I was able to find the replacement part, 000-072-548-H. Works with my 2017 GTI Sport I ordered from vwvortexparts and while the mirror did come brand new, the mirror arrived without battery so I can’t use the home link. Customer service doesn’t respond to countless...
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    Catted Downpipe vs Catback Exhaust (interior noise)

    I’m in my 30s and the Borla Exhaust is starting to get old for my MK7. A good amount of sound does make its way into the cabin on throttle and slight drone when cruising. I am looking to remove my catback exhaust and just put in a downpipe. How do the sounds between a catted downpipe and...
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    Help Reattaching Interior Rear View Mirror to Ball Joint (MK7 Golf GTI)

    Thanks, that a great idea! I started looking on the ECS tuning website and saw the prism mirror but not sure if it'll fit. The mount doesn't seem to be the same as my original post. Any experience with this? ECS tuning Link...
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    Help Reattaching Interior Rear View Mirror to Ball Joint (MK7 Golf GTI)

    I accidentally knocked the interior review view mirror from the ball joint on the windshield. I've been trying to reattach the joint so many different ways and applying different amounts of pressure clockwise and counterclockwise too. Nothing works. Is this a lost cause? It doesn't make sense...
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    Damage to front bumper on highway, what is this trim piece and how to fix?

    Hey Team - A trim from someone else's car was randomly on the highway. Needless to say, I spotted it way too late to swerve (had cars on my left and right) and ran right over it. The aftermath is the lower front grille will not go back into place. Is this repairable or do I have to replace the...
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    Neuspeed Power Module

    Hey, which version of neuspeed is this (.14 or .15). Also can you post a pic to show condition of nuespeed? Thanks.
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    FS: NEUSPEED Power Module 64.10.15

    is this still available?
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    Neuspeed power module

    is this still available and is it the 64.10.15 model?
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    How does the GTI EA888 Engine Make So Much Power?

    Genuinely curious and skeptical at the same time, how are aftermarket tunes on the STOCK GTI pushing close to 300HP and sometimes over?! Are the engine internals really that strong? The new WRX can't hold a candle to these aftermarket GTI tunes. An example is the MAPerformance Stage 1 tune for...
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    NY/NJ Exhaust Shops

    Anyone know some reputable shops for exhaust work in either NJ or NY? It'd be a plus if they've worked on your GTI