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    Conti DWS06 Extreme Contact alternatives

    After reading and viewing more reviews than I can recall over the last couple of years, about the most honest thing I have learned is that you can basically throw a blanket over the Continentals and the Michelins … they’re that close in the objective tests. It may come down to subjective...
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    Demon Trans tries to bankrupt me, at least it's not a DSG - that would be gay

    This thread is a strong contender for the “Shit-Show of the Year award, brought to you by Metamucil.”;)
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    Conti DWS06 Extreme Contact alternatives

    And Bridgestone just released its Potenza Sport AS, which is so new that I’ve only found some “paid advertisements” by YouTubers on an auto cross circuit. But it *seems* to be pretty good. Falken released its Azenis FK 460 AS some time ago and it is reported to be a very competent, lower priced...
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    The COVID19 SCAMdemic... DEI Hires At Secret Service Had One Job

    Sounds very familiar. I wonder if the same four people on Vortex are the same four people that post and ruin every daily/weekly EV thread on, and probably every other automotive forum. JFC, those guys will even shout down people who agree with them and that’s not hyperbole. Some...
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    Conti DWS06 Extreme Contact alternatives

    If you literally have “Chunks out of the sidewall” meaning “more than one chunk” I’d advise getting some new tires asap instead of “ride out the rest of the season on these.” Just a thought/not an attack.
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    Ukraine: WAR Huh - What Is It Good For Absorootly Nothing

    I guess Putin may not have appreciated a threat to overthrow his government. Huh. How strange. ;) And entirely predictable.
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    EA 888 gen 3 possibly the most reliable engine?

    And often enough when you read through such a thread eventually you’ll discover that the car got fucked due to something the owner tried to accomplish himself without the knowledge and skill to pull it off.
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    Where did my post go?

    Probably people who only care that they get “clicks” and eyes on the advertising from paying vendors that = money for the owners. It would be fitting if Jay simply didn’t moderate for a few weeks and let the decent content get buried under an avalanche of spam, and the “clicks” dropped to...
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    Sudden Perfume Smell

    Just read through this whole thing and can say That’s Entertainment! Recap: Smell appears, OP self-proclaims to be World’s Nicest Guy, people suggest smell may just go away on its own, OP goes Nuclear Karen on those people (as World’s Nicest Guy, of course), and *SPOILER ALERT* the smell...
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    Catback recommendations for mk7.5

    GTI Jake made a good list several years ago. Perhaps #5 will be helpful. There’s not much to gain besides noise, so decide what your goal is and $pend accordingly.
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    Engine Oil Grade, recommendations.

    IMO, yes, re: “worrying about nothing.” What you describe is normal street use/temps and the VW engineers certainly considered the specified oil grade for normal use.
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    Jim Lloyd 5/13/1948 till 5/25/2022

    It’s good to know that Jim will still be providing advice, assistance, knowledge and some laughs each time someone does a search and his posts pop up. :) So…who’s going to be the first to tell someone “search ‘Jim Lloyd’, n00b! He must have answered that 50 times.” ;)
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    Jim Lloyd 5/13/1948 till 5/25/2022

    Thank you, Jim. You had to be the most patient, humble person on the forum. You are missed.
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    Ukraine: WAR Huh - What Is It Good For Absorootly Nothing

    Don’s still practicing at cosplaying a POTUS, I see.
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    Manual or DSG for strength

    FCP Euro has a good blog on the DSG variants and what they can handle. Definitive Guide to DSG transmission
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    Recall on gear shifter trim

    Just received the letter today, minus any Bounty product. ;) There hasn’t been an issue with my car, but I’ll file this if needed prior to 1/19/2027.
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    CSB: Vu - Local Forum n00b Questions Forum Unwritten Rules - New Pope Being Elected

    I just thought of something else: make sure you know if there’s a HOA involved with the neighborhood, because those can be a real hassle and in some cases expensive.
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    First time GTI Buyer

    FCP Euro has some good content to browse. And if you get a dsg...
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    Rattle Defeated

    Glad it was a cheap and simple resolution. What type of material (heat tolerant, weather resistant, etc.) did you use for the cushion?