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    The classy alcoholics thread

    Man I'm thirsty just scrolling through this thread !!
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    Canada Eh?

    To be honest other than the drive home I haven't had a chance to test it out. Tomorrow I'm hoping to take her out and see what it's like. I noticed the torque right away though loved that.
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    Canada Eh?

    Abbotsford BC just got a Stage 1 Unitronic tune today haven't had time to enjoy though. Driving a 2011 GTI.
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    What hobbies do you have

    Hobbies include tracking the bike or canyon runs in the summer and snowboarding in the winter. In between love tasting the liquor when time permits.
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    Stage 1 tomorrow, how will the sunroof shade fair?

    I'm getting my Stage 1 as well tomorrow congrats and hopefully we're both happy campers tomorrow !!
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    The classy alcoholics thread

    Great thread I'll have to look over this more carefully some nice new things to try !!