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    Black "Volkswagen" License Plate Frame

    Black VW license plate frame with screws and screw covers. $20 Will ship or local pickup near or in between Somerset County NJ and/or Bergen County NJ. n e d s c h n e e b l y @ g m a i l
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    Rubber (used) and Carpet (never used) Golf Mats

    Full set of carpet (never used) and rubber (used, in good condition) mats that came out of my 2018 Golf Sportwagen. Carpet: $35 Rubber: $50 Local pickup or will ship. Pickup areas: Somerset County, Bergen County NJ, or nearby and in between. n e d s c h n e e b l y @ g m a i l
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    Mk 7.5 Golf Front Brake Kit - never installed

    Purchased this kit from FCP Euro and never installed on my 2018 Golf Sportwagen. -Zimmerman coated rotors with set screws -Textar pads Link to the kit. $200 Prefer local pickup near Somerset or Bergen Counties NJ. Will ship and add to purchase price. n e d s c h n e e b l y @ g m a i l
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    Sportwagen Stock Rims with Michelin X-Ice Snow (tires brand new)

    - 4 good condition OE 16 inch rims (used for winters since 2018, but not installed this winter). I believe these are called "Toronto." - 4 brand new, just mounted Michelin X-Ice Snow (225-55-16) - 0 miles Regular wear/tear on the rims - light scratches and scuffs on the polished face, but no...
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    NJ Motorsports Park

    All of the outfits I've used have allowed point-by passes, but I haven't been out in a few years, so things may have changed.
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    NJ Motorsports Park

    Yes, many times, but never in my VW. Had an R53 Cooper S on both tracks as well as a 135is, all in varying levels of modification. Two fun tracks for learning how to control your car, how to be smooth, and for understanding momentum. Also done some Skip Barber schools (car control, race), and...
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    MK7 "Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread"

    Looking for 17 inch rims for an 18 GSW 4motion. Want to stick with OEM as I'll use them as the Spring/Summer/Fall rims and the stock 16s for Winter tires. I've narrowed it down to the Dijons and the Goals. Anything else I should consider? Should I also consider spacers to make things a little...