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    Vw launches new uk scrappage scheme

    Does anyone think they will be tempted by this?
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    Golf GTE and GTE advance

    Any members own either of these and have any comments.
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    Official MPG Figures, Fact or Fiction

    Took my car on a 200 mile round trip between Milton Keynes and the outskirts of Sheffield yesterday. I needed to get there by 9 am but not having gone to bed earlier the night before I woke up early at 5 am rather than hang around I left at 6 am and took it easy. Most of the journey is motorway...
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    Reversing lights, can they be improved?

    I know that the reversing lights are only there to indicate that you are reversing but it would be extremely useful to me if the illumination they give out could be improved. I have a long but narrow curved drive that has no ilumination. At this time of year it's a real pain reversing on it...
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    When is the mark VIII due.

    Anyone have any idea when a mark VIII golf might be released. Only had my Mark VII two years so not really looking to change just yet but when I do I wouldn't like to get another VII if by waiting a few months I might get an VIII.
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    Updating Sat nav data.

    I've yet to update my sat nav data despite the car being 20 months old. Do I need to buy a new sd card to download the new information onto?
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    Reading through topics on this forum I hear mention of the above two terms. It would seem that they are a method of enabling or disabling certain functions which nay not be available on your vehicle. Which begs the question why aren't you able to do this through the menu system? If there is a...
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    That was a long drive!

    Recently had a touring holiday around Austria. On the final day we left Innsbruck after breakfast and drove drove into Liechtenstein. The weather was really terrible and we had intended to stay overnight in Friedrichshafen by Lake Constance. However we decided to change route and head for home...
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    Why I'm not worrying about Deiselgate.

    I bought my 1.6 Tdi match in sep 2014 and at first like many I wondered how Deiselgate gate might effect my car. The car has been fantastic to drive and easily the best car I've ever had. It replaced a 13 year old vauxhall Astra which I had driven over 130000 miles in. I suspect I will probably...
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    Milton Keynes to Salzburg

    Took the Golf for a nice long road trip from Milton Keynes to Salzburg this week. I usualy manage around 420 miles out of a tank of diesel so was trying to see if I could get to our overnight stop near Cologne about 460 miles without having to refuel. I needn't have worried. Got there easily...
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    Any idea what this is showing me?

    Not really sure what this display is showing me. Think it is meant to be fuel consumption per hour but I rarely see it move very far from e bottom. . Seems to increase a bit if I have AC on. Any ideas? Can't seem to find it in the manual
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    Updating Sat Nav Software

    How easy is this to do oneself? Going on a long trip through Europe next month and wondered wether to do this before I go. Don't want to bugger things up.
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Took my car in for its first annual service, only has 6600 miles on. The clock. Needless to. Say the dealer found. Nothing wrong with the car.
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    Preparations for a long drive

    I'm planning to drive to Innsbruck during September to visit a relative and will probably clock up around 2000 miles. Having bought the car on September 1st last year I have already got the car in for its annual service at the end of this month. The car has only just got 6000 miles on the clock...
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    Headlight adjustment for European driving

    Going to be driving in Europe next month and wondered whether you can adjust the headlights for driving on the opposite side of the road via the infotainment menus?
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    When is an oil change necessary?

    Had a warning come up on the mfd telling me I need an oil change in 30 days which takes us to August 18th. I bought my car on 1st of September and was expecting to see some sort of warning saying I need a service soon. Is the oil change warning the same thing?
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    Car net app

    Bought my 1.6 match last year and the car net app option wasn't available then. I have an I phone 6 and it would be good for passengers to interact with it vid the infotainment screen. So can it be fitted via a software upgrade and how much would this cost? Any info gravely received.
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    Is this Normal

    Quite often when I leave the car it sounds as if the fan is still running. It's very noisy but stops after about 5 minutes. Now that used to happen on my old petrol driven Astra occasionally especially in hot weather but on my diesel Volkswagen it seems to happen very often. Is this Normal? And...
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    Best average Mpg since start

    Ok just for fun let's see who can get the best MPG since start. Rules are journey must be over 10 miles and You must post a picture of the infotainment screen showing all the info. Eg time, average speed, average mpg to back up the claim Would be interesting to see how economical these cars...
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    Got a puncture today by driving over a large piece of metal but managed to drive home safely as it was less than half a mile from home. However I got no warning lights and the car handled normally. I changed the tyre for the emergency spare and was surprised that there wasn't anything attached...